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  1. None. I was hoping that someone on here would know something and let us know if he was ok.
  2. I'm with you!! Tate is awesome. He is a really genuine person and is so deserving of the $5 million prize. I normally don't vote, but I voted for 2 hours straight last night!!!
  3. It's sad that a 10-year-old child would have the need to write such a letter.
  4. The guy must be ok. Nothing further about life flight. Just heard a transmission about transporting one to Kennestone. I'm assuming that it involves this call.
  5. Requested that life flight be put on standby. That was my first thought.
  6. I just turned on the scanner and am not sure where this happened. Man fell 16-feet at a construction site. He busted his head on the concrete. Serious bleeding from the head. Struggling to breathe due to pain.
  7. My 7-year-old grandson says he wants to be a police officer. This is why I don't want him to. I pray he changes his mind as he gets older. Prayers for the family and friends of this young officer.
  8. drosser

    Person Shot

    Evidently, it must not have been too serious. I didn't even hear the transport information.
  9. Cross street of Cedarcrest Road. Rescue 11 in route. 23 year-old male, conscious and breathing. Accidentally shot himself in leg. He is an employee of the pawn shop.
  10. She is adorable!!! Grandchildren do make the darkest days brighter.
  11. Excellent post!! I have also dealt with a family member on meth. After Danny was killed the family member disclosed that they knew the Hammetts and knew that the drug activity had been going on for years. Seems like a lot of people knew and just looked the other way. I'm sorry Danny is dead, but am glad that his wife and stepson are off the streets. They need to stay in jail for a long, long time. Meth is the devil!!! The people who manufacture and sell the stuff are the devil's advocates.
  12. Scared me half to death when I saw this topic!! My grandson goes to Baggett. Hate to hear about any kind of emergency.
  13. One vehicle, Ford Mustang, down a 6-foot embankment. One complainant said an ambulance was needed. Rescue 2 and engine 2 responding. Driver is out of vehicle. Said she doesn't know if she is injured. Airbag was deployed.
  14. When my daugher came forward with the fact that she had been molested by her step-father, we were told at the sheriff's department that, it the child was under the age of 12, they really didn't need much evidence to arrest the accused perpetrator. We were told that the child's word alone was enough for an arrest.
  15. This might upset some people, but Brenda is not the only one with a drug record. Danny had been arrested in the past for drugs, too. None of us really know who all was listed on the warrant. I'd really like to know if they were going after a certain person or persons or if they were just raiding the house to see what they could find.
  16. I donate mine to Goodwill. I use to get the value for my taxes and get a great write-off for them. I recently cleaned out my attic and found a lot of mine and my daughters' college textbooks. They really get a good donation amount. I have two boxes in the back of my car right now that I will drop off next time I'm up by the Goodwill.
  17. I think, but I'm not sure, that once they are released from jail, it doesn't show up on the Paulding County jail inmate site. I think it only shows people who are currently in the jail.
  18. The cowboy theme is so cute!!! The smile on the little one's face says it all!! I'm glad you were able to find the shirt for him.
  19. Thanks for the update. Glad he's going to be ok.
  20. It's a PITA. I'm trying to do one and it's much worse than getting the original mortgage. I don't want to let the house go because it will destroy the good credit rating I've worked so hard to establish over the past 10 years. All I want is for my payments to be more affordable with a lower interest rate. I tried a re-finance but that didn't work because I owe so much more that what the house appraised for. My ex talked me into refinancing -- twice -- and not I'm in a big mess and he's nowhere to be found. I'm doing the modification through my mortgage company, so we'll see how it goes.
  21. Haven't heard anything else so I'm assuming the injuries are not serious.
  22. One vehicle accident. Red truck ran off road and struck some trees. Patient is conscious and breathing. Bleeding all over but serious bleeding from arms and face. Sheriff's office on scene. One vehicle off roadway into trees. Heavy damage. Setting up Highway 101 command.
  23. They plead them down all the time. Look up the records of sex offenders on the Cobb County Superior Court website, and you'll see how amazing it is. Sometimes you can actually read the warrants and/or indictments to see what the person did. After reading some of them and seeing that they were pled down or they just got a slap on the wrist, I was almost physically sick. Some people actually get more jail time for drug charges than for child molestation. Drug offenses should definitely have stiff sentences but, IMO, child molestation is a much worse crime. I'll never understand the court system and how they make their decisions as to punishment. Cobb County give details on their website. I don't know of any other local counties that do, though.
  24. I looked her up on the GDOC website: she served 3 jail sentences at Metro Women's Prison, all for drugs: 05/08/96 to 03/13/97, 08/13/99 to 01/09/98, and 07/29/98 to 11/01/99. All three were pretty short. I bet the next one won't be!!! Her and Danny both had drug arrests in the past. Some people can make mistakes and do stupid stuff, learn from those mistakes, and go on to be productive citizens and never be in trouble again. Apparently, those two didn't learn anything!!! And one is now dead.
  25. And none of the unattended deaths that I can recall involved the SWAT team.
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