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  1. I used Dr Denise Johnson at the Marietta Eye Clinic....She has an office in Acworth...She also did my husbands eyes...We are pleased with the results..
  2. There was a bad accident at hwy 92 and Abbey Ln A van was speeding south on 92 and hit a tree on my property...Some good Samaritans put out the fire and sawed the man out of the van.. Police and fire on the scene.
  3. Not every student is college material, but having a Technical school in our county will help them decide a career that does not require a college education but give them skills to earn a decent living....great idea
  4. My husband showed our youngest daughter to shave her legs because she was made fun of at our swim club. We worked different shifts and he was home... She was very upset and wanted him to show her how. He was also the best Barbie shopper. That commercial was great.
  5. We cannot fix our nations problems by fighting each other.....Democrats and Republicans both agree we need some major fixing.... Some factions of our nation are making this us against them...We are all Americans.... Yes we have a new president...we may not have voted for him but give him a chance....he has only been in office for less than week...Change is always difficult, but we have to try.... We need a united face to show to the world...because there are some radical groups are just waiting to find that chink in our armor... So please give our nation a chance to heal and it starts in Was
  6. I got a pop up stating my computer has a virus and must call Microsoft to remove it from Windows... After I stopped laughing thinking these people must be real idiots...I use a Chromebook...All I did was reboot my laptop.....That is one of reasons I would never use Windows...I am sure they must have some people fall for this....That is why they do it....
  7. I voted today and was very surprised no lines and process was very efficient...took me longer to find a parking space...
  8. I keep getting so many unwanted phone calls on my cell and home phone...I use NoMoRobo for my home phone and just block the ones on cell....Whatever happened to the Do Not Call list....that was a waste of time....You block one number and 5 minutes later they call from a slightly different number... They sometimes leave messages.. such as funeral arrangements (not dead yet) Medicare supplements (got one) But my favorite one is after repeated phone calls I answered...It was very accented gentleman telling my he was a Microsoft Tech and my windows was corrupted with several viruses...He could f
  9. https://baptistnews.com/2016/05/13/seven-things-im-learning-about-transgender-persons/#.VzX3bWFt89w.facebook Please read this article....you will be surprised at the information it contains
  10. We have used them for 16 years and they are great. I had forgotten to put my trash out due to family emergency and they came up to house and picked it up...great guys
  11. I had a neighbor who every morning let her German Shepherd out.. the dog promptly went across the street and pooped on the grass. We lived in row home and my neighbor and I shared a small patch of grass between the homes.... Every day my daughter would step in poop and ruin her sneakers....I had asked the neighbor nicely to let the dog go in her own back yard...Her response was my son plays back there....Well one morning I got up and caught the dog doing his business, got a shovel and carried it back to his house...I deposited it on the front step...Her son went out to play and stepped in it..
  12. We used Kirkland heating and air....they will come out in an emergency....they are reasonable in price... Our daughters heat went on a frigid cold night and she had a small baby... they were there in 30 min
  13. And now for the rest of story.....this couple also were at other food ministries in Paulding County the same day.....before they came to mine.....We did give them food and diapers....so before you judge me I give monetary gifts every month to my charity I just don't like being conned and help not going to the people who need it....
  14. I used to volunteer for a church based charity....My favorite was a couple who came in for food..and some assistance for lodging....they were dirty with raggedy clothes but the wife had brand new sneakers on and her nails just polished to perfection...the husband was smoking a cigarette and told me a sob story of not being employed....they stated they have no money and the kids were hungry...we gave them a bag of food and some diapers for the baby..the woman stated Wally world diapers were not acceptable....Needless to say I was totally annoyed and never volunteered again...
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    I use Chromebook I despise anything Windows....
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