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  1. The best ending to a game EVER. So happy when that smirk disappeared off of McCarrons face. Auburn had two miracle plays to win the games. I think they have a guardian angel on their side, aint that much luck in the world.
  2. Good luck to all the Paulding county teams Friday. I know you will "Rep" your county well. I can't believe all the hate on the blogs coming from opposing teams. Some people are just evil, these are teenaged boys. I especially hope South kicks Gainesville's ass, they have been really mean towards South.
  3. Neither one of their sorry asses deserve a new stadium!!
  4. $7.00????? Dang they have gone up since my oldest played!!
  5. Wished I had the same wonderful experience with him. I had been going to him for over a year and still no relief for my migraines. He kept putting me on medicine and having me come back in two months. I bet I tried over 10 different medications and NOTHING works. I stopped going and just deal with the migraines the best I can.
  6. We have not lived In a subdivision for 8 years now and this is the only time of the year I miss living in a subdivision. I used to love Halloween and getting trick or treaters and seeing the kiddos in their costume.
  7. I really thought the MIzzou players were going to go jump in the stands like Georgia players did in Tenn last week, then I saw they couldn't get over the hedges. And Missouri won with a 2nd string quarterback who is also a freshman. What's your point?
  8. What is North's record? Sounds like they are having a great season.
  9. That is not true. I read a story where a Mother found out about her sons death on facebook. The son was in a car accident and one of his friends who was not injured in the accident posted it. I think people some how feel they have to be the first to announce a death, like they get brownie points or something.
  10. I know there is no way to stop it but I wish they would put a stop to death announcements. Just this week alone I know of 3 people who found out about a close relatives death on facebook. I would hate to find out a relative passed via facebook People are just posting and not giving people enough time to inform other family members.
  11. Does that include the text votes as well? I was wondering if those were included in this total while I was voting, or are those calculated separately. IM sure it wont matter.
  12. Did you send them back to the school? My son turned his in at the school and I got an email the next day from Cady saying they had been received.
  13. With Paulding schools being out this week this should have given students more opportunities to vote!! Good luck, I hope South/Allatoona game wins!!!
  14. I hate interstate driving with a passion and this hate has only occurred in the last several years, seems the older I get I just can't deal. My oldest has no problem driving interstate, but I am afraid I have passed my hate for it to my youngest, he's only 17 but has no interest in ever driving interstate. But we are going to have to start working with him soon on that the college he will be attending he will have to drive on the interstate to get there. But we are still debating on letting him take his truck his first year of college.
  15. I really don't care what you think of me, that's your opinion. I don't care if it was her first minute on the job. Common sense should tell you not to handle customers food with your finger bleeding. I have no idea who she was or her medical history and I was not taking a chance. If I had not said anything, she would have just stood there sucking on her finger continuing to put blood on customer after customers containers etc. You asked "What else could she have done?" You obviously did not read my comment, I clearly stated she cut her finger on the customer in front of me container of food. I
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