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  1. Hey, beautiful! I been busYYYYYYYYYYYY. Hope to be online more soon.
  2. I have a perfectly fine sectional sofa with a queen bed pullout that is a little dated and a little dusty, but it's a great piece. Medium blue striped. Can text photo if interested. Also have an upright freezer. MUST BE PICKED UP TODAY - Crossroads area. Call me at 706-676-5953 if interested.
  3. Beautifully said, my dear. My heart goes out to this devastated family.
  4. Oh, man, he was a classic. One of the best actors ever (and I don't say that lightly). Hans Gruber was awesome. And Jeremy Irons as his brother in Die Hard III was also great. Gotta love those Brit actors.
  5. HAHAHAHAA That is hilarious. hahahahaaa BTW, last I saw, they're backing off on frozen precip for this weekend. Possible in Feb, though.
  6. Well, I'm just so sorry. A sorry end to a sorry (and massive) episode. May all your days be more pleasant than the one before it.
  7. They might need SOME people due to their low birth rate. I rather doubt they NEED gang rapists by the boatload.
  8. My mom used to just stay at the hospital for however long till the snow ended. The blizzard in '93, she was there for 4 1/2 days.
  9. God bless whoever this is, and prayers for success in recovery. Some of my dearest friends are recovering alcoholics, and had I ever started down that path, I have no doubt it would be very hard for me to break from it.
  10. Then you ain't following the master predictor of all winter weather, DDD on the GON website.
  11. You picked the wrong year to not want snow, sister. El Nino is here, and colder/wetter for us. DDD is talking big storm projected for Jan 18-22.
  12. Hideous. There are videos out now showing mistreatment of women in several European spots. Not cool. BEYOND not cool. I think their opening their borders wide for all those to come in will jump up and bite them in the hiney, and in more ways than one.
  13. Tell 'em to suck it up and order veggies at Mary Mac's! It's your birthday!
  14. I much prefer western Colorado (Grand Junction) to eastern Colorado. Amazingly like Texas. If you go to Alaska in the summer, get ready for bugs (mosquitos, etc.) big enough to tote you off. :shudder:
  15. I was pretty surprised at Bibi's remarks. Perhaps he felt he had to say something in deference to the 20% of Israel's population being Muslim? IDK. I don't think it any more his business than any other non-American's. Of course, there may be underlying factors that we don't know about driving his comments. Whatever.
  16. All-time favorite places - Blue Ridge Parkway/Cade's Cove and Hilton Head Island. Also love West Virginia, South Dakota, Texas (all of it), western Colorado, Idaho/Oregon/Washington, Alaska, and New Mexico.
  17. The eagle was just being himself...they aren't used to confined spaces, and with the lights/camera/people, he was just doing his thing. Those talons would scare the crap out of me. It was funny the way DT reacted, and he laughed at himself.
  18. I pray you are able to find them a loving forever home.
  19. ValJar was born in Iran and was the architect for the recent horrible deal with them. Cpt is right...they could nuke Israel and this administration wouldn't say boo.
  20. Yep - supposed to be cooler and wetter in the SE this winter. My cousin cut open a dozen persimmon seeds in September and came up with 11 spoons (snow) and 1 knife (ice). Alrighty then! More excellent information here: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ffc/?n=elninoimpactsnorthandcentralga
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