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  1. Starbucks is up and training. No sign of a sushi spot. My eldest works at Kroger and he didn't know anything about a sushi spot, but he works backing in dairy so he may not be privy to that.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/WGDC5/ This is who my kids have gone to for years. Never a bad experience.
  3. If you lost a black zip up wallet with a jeweled design on the front at Kroger on 278/61, I found it and turned it in to customer service. I did not check inside to see if there was an id, because I was uncomfortable with the idea of looking through someone else's wallet. Link to Facebook post if you want to share it for more visibility... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153130208097373&id=618242372
  4. Here's one for you. We all know 2 is a couple. How many is a few, or several? Is several more than a few, and by how much? When does several become a bunch and when does that become a lot?
  5. ^agree about the cats. I belong to 3 cats, and they're allowed on the couches, beds, and even in the table chairs if no one is eating at the table. One of them really likes to cuddle up in a dining chair and sleep. BUT... If I catch them ON the counters or table they get squirted and scolded.
  6. Aww. I don't know who to side with, cat or dog. I'm a total cat lady, but my parents have had and loved poodles since I was 9 years old. I say give them both treats and scritches behind the ears from me.
  7. There was a time when suicide was something I thought about constantly. Having been in that place, I have nothing but compassion for anyone who considers or has committed suicide.
  8. I knew the girl that died in that accident. She was the cousin (more like sisters in closeness) of a very good friend. It was pretty devastating.
  9. We just had Christmas dinner at Blondie & Papi's yesterday so I'm not interested in doing all that again . Middle child and husband want meatloaf, so that's what I'm making. I'm even going to make it extra large so DH can have a meatloaf sandwich the next day, and I'm going to attempt to shape it like a turkey. I'm going to make my Momma's squash casserole recipe, just because I want it, no one else here will eat it but me, and I might make some devil eggs too. edit to add: Blondie made an awesome sweet potato souffle yesterday. Maybe you can get that recipe from her.
  10. I don't care for tinsel. It's just messy and it's dangerous for our cats. I like to hang candy canes all over the tree. Too me, it gives the feel of icicles because they dangle, without all the mess. I love garland, I think it gives the tree a little special something when the lights aren't on. As far as theme, the hubby and I did a red and gold tree our first year of marriage and I just didn't care for that. Ever since then I've had as much multicolor crap as I can fit on the tree. If it lights up and flashes, I want it. More so if it's color changing, I'm a sucker for flashy color c
  11. If you like that one, you'll LOVE this one.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgB2ziyAteI
  12. I kept hearing how quick and easy Cedartown is, but both times I've been there it has been horrible. Last time I was there for 4 hours. I won't be going back to Cedartown. I think everyone goes there now, and they only have 3 people working at a time.
  13. lol, Thanks! She's a ham. They both are really. I didn't see this one! I saw the costume change pic though... just had to go back and find this one so I could like it!
  14. Hmmm, I'm also in the PCHS area, and my middle kid didn't get a birthday card and check in July, that I know for a fact was mailed to him.
  15. My youngest 2 were an electrician zombie, and a vampire. I wore a sparkly witches hat while I walked with them. My eldest wore a gas mask and sat on the porch handing out candy. Middle child got a LOT of compliments on his homemade costume. There were crowds gathered around him at least 3 times asking about it and examining it, and several adults asked me how we did the pipe sticking out of his chest. You can't see it in this picture, but it comes out of the back side too.
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