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  1. HmmmmmmI gonnaaaa sayyyyy a Boy !!!
  2. Like i said last nigth....I love my daughter with alll my heart BUT , My boys are Mama's boys (ages 31,34,) and are so special to me. I know you do not want to hear this today and feel disapointed..it o.k. but there is a reason God is blessing you with 3 sons...and I feel sure he will bless you with 3 beauitful DIL 's and Maybe lots of Grand daughters HUGG for you
  3. Got my girl on the 3rd try, she is a sweetie but ain't nothing like them mama's boys I say BOY......
  4. Not a minuet to soon for me . My husband and I were In Manasses Va., working At Bull Run shopping center (doing Layout for the New Keiser Permemanete Dr. office) We were terrified for days..............
  5. I asked about this medicine awhile back, I have been on it for two weeks now 25mg 2x day with great results.Only one headache in 12 days. I have had the tingling hands. Will this get better ? it is annoying as heck (I can live with it, verses a migraine)With all I have read, I feel lucky that I have not had any of the other side effect. Just hoping this "buzzing" gets better....Anyboby ?????
  6. Prayers for you Jason...I know you will feel so much better when this is all over. Speedy recovery !!! Let us know if you need anything Please update us and let us know your progress !!
  7. I just started a new medicine that makes my Mountain Dew taste nasty....so that made it easy for me to give it up !!!
  8. Mick you are missed by so many, Thought of daily and Remembered for so much that you gave to your friends and coworkers RIP My Friend
  9. Good morning...Little one on the bus, cup of coffee.. curled up with fuzzy blanket on the couch for alittle while then house cleaning today !!!!
  10. Yep, it is cold..just put little one on the bus....froze my buns off !!! Have a good day !!!
  11. I was totally freaked when I learned I had to have one..put it off for 2 monthes, Dr. gave me Xantax 0.25 mg. took 1 20 minuets befoe I got there 2 10 minuets before they started.....No problem at all I was very comfortable ,headphones on and rag over my eyes. The staff was great and help ease me into it slowly, I was in controll !! I told them when I was ready. It turned out to be just fine....good luck
  12. This sounds like fun...we just might be there ...thanks for the information
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