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  1. Keep us updated please , Praying he will be ok !!!
  2. Can you tell us which Lollis , I understand if you can't . Just wondering if it's the one I know t Well !!! Prayers for all involved
  3. I had to have emergency surgery , my appendix ruptured and he was the on call Dr. He was very nice and when I went back for post op super nice and as far as I know did a great job!! Good luck
  4. Congrats to you both , enjoy your time together !!!!!! You know I retired last June , and I LOVE it !!! Hugs
  5. We love going there , it's about time to go back . I always find something I want and like a lot of it .
  6. tona

    E cigarettes

    I second Ciggy's , that is where I got mine and it really does help. Good luck It is in Hiram, where Staples is, there is a Scrubs uniform place there as well.
  7. We got there about 5:00 and went through the drive through, lots of people and cars !!! That is so awesome
  8. Thanks mom of 3, I do miss everyone Hugs
  9. :clapping: :clapping: And for the record , HE OFFERED AT LEAST 2 OR 3 TIMES TO TAKE THEM HOME and was refused his offer !!!!
  10. that is great , good for you. They had all this and a really good thing going, lots pf people bowling there and good management , but they had no respect for the bowlers and then they fired one of the main ones that help build it up and put in countless hours and no extra pay. but i'm a firm believer of KARMA.
  11. You are so right, and that is why people can't get in here now to get the items they have in the lockers. It is not right the way they did the bowlers with all this.
  12. Hey everyone, i haven't posted here in a while, but I do scan and read a lot. But with this PBC posting I have to put in my 2 cents worth. We bowled 1 and sometimes 2 leagues a week, We bowled there for about 14 years .and saw several manager turn overs, But the last turn over was bad for the business and some of us saw it coming. Unless you were a reg. there you didn't see and hear most of what there is to the story. I was not going to post on this but felt I needed to , due to them saying DON"T go to S&S. Stars and Strikes had nothing to do with them closing , I did leave PBC and went to S&S about 5 years ago, They put themselves out of business, they had good leagues and people bowling there, Monday Nights they had 22 teams, Wed. nights they had 18 teams and that is every week paying them money and that don't count all the youth bowlers on Sat. mornings and tournament money , open bowling and more.. They didn't manage it and that happens. BUT not one time did they think about all those people that did come there, THEY had to know this was coming , BUT they let it happen without letting people know to get all their bowling equipment out, 1 has his wheelcahir locked up in there. And the cars some saw in the parking lot yesterday were league bowlers for Wed. night trying to decide on what to do. They lost some money, as did the other leagues. They had there normal league Monday Night and did not have the curtosity to let them know , so now they have lost out as well, If you don't like S&S that is your choice, I do ,they have and show respect for those bowling there . Yes sometimes it is a little loud but people take their kids there as well . As far a leagues it's not that way . Yes they do serve alcohol but so did PBC so don't knock them for that. I guess I'm just trying to say that it is their own fault that the doors were pad locked , and don't blame anyone but themselves for it Sorry for the long post , but there is always more to the story than meets the eye and ears. I hope everyone has a blessed weekend and Easter. HUGS
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