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  1. Jason is having a total hip replacement tomorrow. He's pretty nervous, and so am I. I know that he has God, a great doctor, a great facility, and he's going to be soooooo much better after the fact. Still, we'd appreciate prayers and good thoughts tomorrow morning!!
  2. It really depends on the weather. If it doesn't rain, the 4H Horse and Pony Club will be there with horse and pony rides. There's a moon walk, pumpkin patch, games, BBQ, boiled peanuts, candy apples...all kinds of stuff. Starts at noon and runs til ??? You can come see us and then go right down the street to Life Church and see Georgia Tornado at thier fall festival!
  3. What about here? This guy is doing a fundraiser. http://www.paulding.com/forum/index.php?sh...=227949&hl=
  4. Come by the Junkyard and pick up the BBQ for your potatoes. It's the best BBQ I have ever put in my mouth!
  5. They left out all the LACK OF SLEEP that we experience from pregnancy til retirement! We gotta deal with all the stuff they DID mention, and be exhausted, too!! My youngest child is 4, but I'm lucky if I get a full 8 hours of sleep twice a week...all the other nights are 4 or 5!~
  6. It was great to see you last night! I'm glad you had fun! We'll definitely send some folks down to the church tomorrow!!!
  7. Oh, and at the BBQ tent, they have some homemade fried pies that are out of this WORLD. Peach, apple, CHOCOLATE, and I don't know what else. They are sooooo good!!
  8. Yeah, it would've been hilarious if he started talking the "Little Flower" voice like she'd come into him. I think they were all just truly shocked that it was that hokey!
  9. Hey Lowrider, If you get there early (like probably an hour before dark), you can park AT the Junkyard. There are about 45 parking places there, and it's first come first serve. There is all KINDS of stuff to eat there. The BBQ is awesome, and so are the hamburgers and boiled peanuts. There's cotton candy, candy apples, popcorn balls, apple cider, and the DARE trailer has hot dogs, nachos, and I don't know what all else. If you're coming early to eat, you should be able to park there no problem. BUT if you were to not be able to for some reason, the whole parking at Panter and riding the bus thing is easy. Can't wait to see you there. I'll be in the ticket booth so say hi!!
  10. Yeah, it cracked me up that she had these ghosts that just hang out with her and show up at every seance she does to put on a show. She had them all named..."Little Flower" made me LMAO!!
  11. Remember, if you print the coupon from our Google listing, you'll get $3 off an adult ticket! (Limit one coupon per ticket) http://maps.google.com/coupons/page?did=0_...gl=us&hl=en
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