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  1. I just saw this, I'm not on here much anymore. Thanks to everyone who recommended me, y'all are the awesome ones! I stopped working weekends last year, 13 years of Saturdays was enough. I'm there until 8 on Monday and Friday though. Would love to see you all!
  2. I use Dr. Knautz at Marietta dermatology.
  3. I get the seven dust granules from tractor supply. They work very well. If I don't put it out, I will find several of those nasty things a week.
  4. I see them everywhere. At work, at home, in parking lots. I don't use them. This just started happening last year when my mom got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I think it's my grandmother (granny) telling me everything is going to be ok.
  5. I use dr. Alacia Tarpley, just outside of Paulding, on Dallas highway. Lost mountain internal medicine. try vicks vapor rub on the bottom of your feet, cover with socks. Works well, especially at nighttime
  6. Awww...thanks y'all! We have been crazy busy since after Christmas all the gift cards are rolling in. leave a message, they will call back quickly. They check messages frequently. we are open 7 days a week.
  7. The shaving gallery is a great shop for men's shaves. Hot towels, straight razors, etc. they have one in Marietta, and one in Cartersville, I believe.
  8. Good reason nikki13 isn't on here anymore...
  9. Works very well for me, especially at bedtime!
  10. The best place for Indian food is in Gwinnett county. Lots of places up there. The hole in three wall places are the best. I know a lot of people go to haveli. I think it's gross, though, and way overpriced.
  11. I thought it was gross. Went once, never would again.
  12. My heart is heavy worried about jj as it has been for several days. He was the first pcommer I ever met. although I wasn't around him a lot, I did have the pleasure of his company several times. My thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends.
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