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  1. I haven't been on in a while. Thank you all. I miss him....
  2. yummmm.... let me take those off your hands for you. I promise I'll keep them safe... maybe.
  3. That's awesome. Sent you a message RaidersRock. I'm interested too!
  4. Try some of the local churches. Some of them will help. West Ridge and St. Vincent are two that I know have helped others before. Tallatoona, United Way, etc are other good resources. Good luck.
  5. Paul, do you have an email?
  6. I need some Alabama stuff for Jacob's Christmas... what else do you have? Any ideas?
  7. Paulding County High School or Home Depot. We buy ours every year at Home Depot. Never had a problem...
  8. I have read these threads and I also know and have witnessed first hand what this addiction can do to families. These so called innocent people were involved with two people very close to me at one point in their lives and led them down a very destructive path that has left some very deep and hurtful scars on my family. And what breaks my heart most is that they still want to defend them even today even going as far to call them friends. I have one family memeber that lost their children and and another that has wrecked his body with this mess.... they are clean today but emotionally and ph
  9. Me too! I'm so ready for them to be open!!
  10. Ditto... I know this is real hard for her. LR - Love you and still praying for you!
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