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  1. I have been so busy but wanted to thank everyone for their comments and PMs.. My SIL passed away in late November from this horrible disease . Also they found another disease HLH the last week he lived that was shutting down his organs . Thanks everyone !
  2. yesterday , they scraped it and tested it under a mirco. and said it was not a fungus.. but it still may be
  3. if it were that , would all my nails do that , It is just my big toe on my left foot . but I guess it is a possibility . good advice .. I also read that .. I am hoping for something simple like this .. The doc said worse case ..,a melanoma ? It scared me to DEATH !
  4. yes.. I suppose.. I am seeing Military doctors and they are not the greatest on being encouraging . But thank you for making me feel a little better !
  5. weird thing is no pain whatsoever ..hmm... Oh and NEVER search that on google !
  6. no , it is not growing at all , They took two pieces off to have them tested . I hope it is just dried blood ..doctors scare ya !
  7. That is what they asked me at the doc... I don't ever remember hurting my toe. started out as a small back spot , then gradually turned all black.. worries me a little .
  8. Has anyone ever experienced this ? I have no pain and it started about 6 months ago when I went to a nail salon , I went to the doc yesterday and he tested it and said it was not a fungus .. I am being sent to a dermatologist . Just wanted to ask here if anyone had this happen to them ? TIA
  9. can you share what meds you take.. He is really having a hard time ..loosing lots of weight , mouth sores and no energy .
  10. yes , that was me .. lol ! I ended up in Perdido Key .. we love it here ! I live 3 min to the gulf of Mexico
  11. Thank you so much for the links !
  12. To anyone with an Auto Immune Disease , I feel your pain, I was thinking last night ,No one (unless you have one) can possibly understand the Pain we live with on a Daily basis .. I am going to a new doctor now since moving to Pensacola. I pray that he can help me find a way to not hurt so much . Most of the medications given hurts my stomach . Exercise is very important also. Fibro is among the list of painful diseases !
  13. Thank you all for the input , It is a scary thing . I also have thought about the things we drink and eat that may cause this stuff. I had never heard of Behcets until he was diagnosed. Thanks for all the good Info !
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