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  1. My home is quiet except for my kittens running around and pouncing on each other. Putting my book down I decided to come visit old friends but it seems that no one is home! Checking to see who may be here that I have not seen while reading your posts it looks like only guest are online or is this friends that just don't want to be identified? You may already know that Phillip, my husband, or Papa as he was called, passed away in 2020. I thought our home was unbearably quiet when our boys passed but nowadays the silence is a times hard to bare. I have missed the chatter that wa
  2. Your little ones look adorable! September 13 last year I had to help my little companion pass without futher pain. Angelina also had heart failure. I called her Angel. My husband found her at an outdoor market in Breman. My grandson Ashton had passed the previous month from the injuries he received in the car accident that took his brother and uncle the year before. My heart was broken and my arms empty. Angel had been my constant companion since 2009.
  3. I would like to say thank you for all the kind words and flowers sent to our family in honor of Billy. William Jossey Bass is the father of my husband William Phillip Bass. You knew Phillip as Papa when we lost our son Phillip Aaron Bass and grandsons Tristen and Ashton (Evans) Bass. The strength and kindness all of you shared with our family has not and will not be forgotten. With much love, Denise aka Bouquet or Nana
  4. https://www.bing.com/maps?osid=02421ee1-f2fe-4350-8a3b-097cd8554376&cp=33.998694~-84.729081&lvl=17&style=h&v=2&sV=2&form=S00027 Maybe one of you can get this link to show the photo of the Burnt Hickory and County Line Road. This intersection now gives me anxiety when I need to go that way. Just yesterday evening I had to sit while the traffic on Burnt Hickory took command of the traffic. I just wanted to go across to the other side of County Line. The cars to my left with 4 to five cars began going around. They let NO ONE surge through the round about one by one. That
  5. ​Just yesterday I posted this to my Facebook account. It is so beautiful, I had to share. Unlike the people on my friends list, I do not have a large number of people that receive the beautiful messages that I have been sent or found elsewhere on the websites I visit. ​This couple is probably the best story I have ever passed on.
  6. This also crossed my mind. I have heard many views about the Beast (666) being a computer. These Microchip implants could eventually be required. All forms of money transfer, such as buying groceries or paying medical bills and all medical information.. etc., etc.It will replace money. How about being able to track criminals? ​This is just one more item that will spur the imaginations of so many more people. To be used or abuse all of us. ​Remember when the fastest mode of transportation was on horseback? Now we have jets and satellites? What next?
  7. If you want to LABEL me as a "cheerleader" go right ahead. I don't mind. ​My statement was meant to show my RESPECT for him. Surely if you look at my post again you will see why. The site put here by Pubby is for all of us, not just the people he likes. Even like you a few others. ​I LOVE many of the people on P.com and Respect them too. God bless them all for their kindness to me and my family. I also appreciate when someone disagrees with what I say and lets me know. Why? because they too have an opinion. Sorry I will not be changing my sign on to Cheer Leader! But thank you for your feedb
  8. Post man ...Are we not posting our truths when posting? I have never had a post removed and if you are interested in my past on P.com, then look me up. I am honest to a fault. Sometimes the truth hurts huh? Bouquet is this only name I have use on here. How about you? Look for posts on Ashton, Tristen Bass, and Phillip Bass, or Nana and Papa. These will be post that pertain to my worst days. Go ahead and label me. But I feel that labeling people is cowardly. Blunt Trauma ..."It doesn't really matter what you are convinced of. And background is only partially relevant." Yes just one line of yo
  9. So glad to hear you are going t see a doctor. The longer you put it off the worse the tingling in your fingers will become. ​I kept putting it off so I still experience some numbness and tingling in my little finger and ring finger on my left hand. You may be able to feel the nerve but odds are that part of it has flattened out and does not allow it to work as it should. Go see the doctr and have the Ulnar surgery. I am so grateful with the results I received. ​Take care and God bless! Denise
  10. NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!
  11. Thank you so much Brian. I finally poked around enough that I finally saw the More Reply Options. I think it just gave up in self defense! ​I think I will check my sugar levels, get a nap and see if computer geek can keep me from jumping all over the page too. After Christmas that is!! I am sure my laptop would be a little bit friendlier too. ​Again, Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  12. On my last post the info I had type looks stupid. A paragraph was out of place and (my stupidity at this hour) the copy was sloppy. So I went to edit only to find there was no way to place an edit complete. ​I know it has been a while since I posted a lot but surely I have not lost all my marbles. If so, just put them in my mail box! I need them! ​DUH... would the button to read beforeposting have helped?
  13. Merry Christmas! ​Although I did not see the reason your Neurologist has put you in the hospital, I am sure they had good reason to send you to Emory. With all the experts there I am know you will be feeling better soon. Maybe not "cured" but knowing what is causing you problems and what can be done to help you will really give you a lot of relief. Last year, Phillip (Papa) my husband, spent the holidays in Paulding hospital. His mother died on Christmas Eve and they would not let him go to her memorial service right down the street. His oxygen levels were not stable enough for him to le
  14. Stonewall, I had a friend in Cobb County (Now deceased) that owned a bar and made similar comments. He had another side of him that helped others no matter the race. He and I may not have agreed with what he posted but I leave that to him and God.. To me he was a wonderful man and not one time around me did he make any racist remarks. He was not one of my best friends but I give him credit for all the good he did.
  15. Darn it Pubby, even with my glasses on I could not read the print. Maybe I can find it on the internet. WTG on being published.
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