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  1. I am looking for a recommendations for a realtor to list my home. Anyone??
  2. Thanks for all the great ideas! I would love to take them to the ark in KY but it is just to far for an overnight trip. We generally take them in Jan so I am not to sure about it still being decorated for Christmas I will have to do some research!
  3. Last year for Christmas we gave our grandkids - 7 year old girls a trip to N GA and went to the Cabbage Patch hospital and spent the night in Helen. If I ask them now what we gave them for Christmas they can tell me and it is not in the bottom of a toy box long forgotten. We would like to do something similar this year. We have considered the Huntsville Space Center. They have been to Chattanooga and Gatlinburg. Any ideas?
  4. Just an update - I did speak to the attorney that is mentioned by another poster- essentially he stated the case did not have enough money in it for him to take the case and should we decide to hire an attorney anything that we may have gotten out of it would be eaten up with legal fees and we would be looking at months for something to happen. I did find out a friend of mine works at another Dodge dealership and I called him. He got his GM involved in the case and gave me some good guidance on getting this settled. I also made a call to the dealership on a recorded line from work and ma
  5. It is a newer truck and we know that the price of the truck will be more due to that fact. Awsome! Thank you- I have tried calling this afternoon and since it is after 5 I did not get anyone but I will be on the phone in the morning! The 800 # that is included in my paperwork for the new car we bought there was not interested in helping me come to a solution that is suitable for everyone involved.
  6. I have emailed an attorney as well as filing a case with the BBB- I also tried to file a complaint with corporate Dodge but they tell me I have to go through the dealership. I am anxious to see what an attorney might say. I don't think we are being unreasonable. I will keep you all posted! I said the same thing from the get go when they called and said they could not sale him the truck. Hubby and I got our tag in the mail and he never received one. I suspect they could not title the truck for one reason or another and used the recall as an excuse claiming that there is not a fi
  7. Recently my son went in a big name dealership in Dallas GA. He purchased a 2012 Dodge Pick up Truck with approximately 96,000 miles. During this transaction he put down $1000.00 in cash and $1500.00 in trade and financed $12,899. After a month and making a payment on the truck he got a call from the dealership stating that they could not sale him the truck due to a recall on the airbags. At that time we asked what our options were and they assured us that they would make sure that they got him in something comparable. My son took off of work on Monday to go to the dealership and retur
  8. Very good story- I would imagine if the "non-custodial" parent "interfered" with custody by not returning the children the sheriff's dept would get involved and quickly.
  9. The grandma can't pick them up because the mom feels like she exercises the visitation rights. This used to be allowed and she always took them to the dad when he got in off the road. Grandma is no threat to the children. She has been an upstanding citizen in Paulding County for 22 years, a business owner, raised 4 children including 2 step-children that were in her and her husbands custody, no criminal record, no DFACS history. No it was not
  10. I appreciate everyone input into the situation. It is my hope that after both parents and grandparents read some of your opinions that perhaps they will do as some have said and "grow up"!! I truly believe that the children are the ones that are suffering the most and just want what is best for them!! (On both sides)!!
  11. I tried to clean it up a little so that perhaps it isn't quite as confusing.
  12. Well- for the record I am not in this scenario at all lol.... Yes it does sound like a jerry springer episode. I posted because one of the parties was going to post it FB- where there is no privacy. He/She was just trying to get some honest opinions as to what to do. This is an ongoing thing for them and the birth of the new baby is simply what this one episode is about.
  13. ​I realize this is a little long but I am looking for unbiased opinions her... Please be honest and give me your thoughts To baby daddy- Baby Mama has just started experiencing contractions late this morning and has began to dilate. Her doctor says she could deliver our daughter at anytime over the next day or so. We will be keeping the girls home this weekend so they are able to share in the birth of their baby sister. If delivery goes well and both baby mama & our daughter come home as planned, we would be happy to just trade weekends with you and you can have your time with the girl
  14. www.georgiawildlife.com/BerryEagleCam I'm not sure why the link isn't really a link but the live camera feed is pretty cool.
  15. Thank you all for your help! I found the quilting guild and they got me the "hook up"!
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