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  1. I am looking for a recommendations for a realtor to list my home. Anyone??
  2. Thanks for all the great ideas! I would love to take them to the ark in KY but it is just to far for an overnight trip. We generally take them in Jan so I am not to sure about it still being decorated for Christmas I will have to do some research!
  3. Last year for Christmas we gave our grandkids - 7 year old girls a trip to N GA and went to the Cabbage Patch hospital and spent the night in Helen. If I ask them now what we gave them for Christmas they can tell me and it is not in the bottom of a toy box long forgotten. We would like to do something similar this year. We have considered the Huntsville Space Center. They have been to Chattanooga and Gatlinburg. Any ideas?
  4. Just an update - I did speak to the attorney that is mentioned by another poster- essentially he stated the case did not have enough money in it for him to take the case and should we decide to hire an attorney anything that we may have gotten out of it would be eaten up with legal fees and we would be looking at months for something to happen. I did find out a friend of mine works at another Dodge dealership and I called him. He got his GM involved in the case and gave me some good guidance on getting this settled. I also made a call to the dealership on a recorded line from work and made sure that I had them telling me pretty much what I outlined above. Once they realized they had said all of that on a recorded line and that I was prepared to take further action they began to change their tune. Do I think they made things completely right with everything we have gone through- no, but did they give him his money back from the down payment and trade- yes. I appreciate all of the advise, wish I had of known my long lost friend worked at another Dodge dealership. Since my situation with this place I have talked to several folks that have had nothing but a bad experience with this dealership. I would never recommend them to anyone. Chalk it up to another lesson learned.....
  5. It is a newer truck and we know that the price of the truck will be more due to that fact. Awsome! Thank you- I have tried calling this afternoon and since it is after 5 I did not get anyone but I will be on the phone in the morning! The 800 # that is included in my paperwork for the new car we bought there was not interested in helping me come to a solution that is suitable for everyone involved.
  6. I have emailed an attorney as well as filing a case with the BBB- I also tried to file a complaint with corporate Dodge but they tell me I have to go through the dealership. I am anxious to see what an attorney might say. I don't think we are being unreasonable. I will keep you all posted! I said the same thing from the get go when they called and said they could not sale him the truck. Hubby and I got our tag in the mail and he never received one. I suspect they could not title the truck for one reason or another and used the recall as an excuse claiming that there is not a fix right now for the Takata air bags.
  7. Recently my son went in a big name dealership in Dallas GA. He purchased a 2012 Dodge Pick up Truck with approximately 96,000 miles. During this transaction he put down $1000.00 in cash and $1500.00 in trade and financed $12,899. After a month and making a payment on the truck he got a call from the dealership stating that they could not sale him the truck due to a recall on the airbags. At that time we asked what our options were and they assured us that they would make sure that they got him in something comparable. My son took off of work on Monday to go to the dealership and return the truck that they could not sale and see what they had to offer. The truck they tried to put him in was not nearly in as good of condition as the original truck he bought- the truck had more than 120,000 miles, both the front and rear bumpers had been wrecked, the seats were ripped and the center console was busted and would not shut. We/he refused this offer and said he would wait to see what else they might come up with. That Saturday, my husband and my son went to the dealership together and looked at the truck below. At that time the salesman said that he would get him in this truck for close to what he had purchased the other although the truck was newer. They were told at that time that the payment on the truck would go up $10-12 per month. Since the original truck purchased had running boards and a class 3 hitch that this truck did not have they asked that they put those items on this truck, they agreed. They said at that time they thought my husband would have to co-sign on the loan. Although I did not agree with this; we did not have to co-sign on the original truck, my husband was willing to do it. They told my son to return to the dealership on Monday or Tuesday and sign the paperwork. When he did return to the dealership he was told that they "could not finance the vehicle". When I inquired as to why they tried to tell me the truck had "to many miles to finance", when I called them on this and said it had the same mileage as the original truck purchased they began to back peddle. They then said well the payment is going to be more than what you want. After much debate throughout the day with both Bruce- the used car manager and Ryan the new car manager they offered him his down payment of $1000.00 the amount of the trade $1500.00 and the amount of 1 payment he made on the load of $288.00 for a total of $2788.00 or he could purchase the truck below for $17,000 and a payment of $349.00. When I asked for a breakdown of the cost of the truck I was told the truck was $17,000 (actually he said $16 and some change) and they would be financing $17,000. When I asked about the $2788 I was told that it was "eaten up by negative equity on his trade". He did NOT trade the original truck- they could NOT sale it to him. I have tried to negotiate that we would consider the truck below provided they sale the truck at the price of $17,000 minus the $2788 put out on the original loan and finance 14,212. The dealership has refused stating they can't sale the truck at that and that my son needs to come and pick up a check for $2788. I see the real cost of the original truck as much more considering. Below is what I figure that truck actually has cost him: Down Payment $1000.00 Trade In $1500.00 1st payment $288.00 3 days lost wages $630.00 - this is the number of days he has taken off work to try and get something down since the original purchase. He works 12-13 hours per day at $15.00 per hour and time and a half for over time. Insurance cost $590.00 - this is the cost of 2 months of insurance on a truck they could not legally sale. Total $4008.00 If you added in the equivalent of the original down payment for the hassle that we have been through you are looking at $6500.00. Now as of today my son still is in possession of the white truck below that we have tried to purchase but the dealership I am sure is going to demand he return the truck and take the $2788 offered or finance the truck at his loss of the same $2788 since they are not willing to take it off the price of the truck. This will in turn leave him with no way back and forth to work and since he is under the age of 25 renting a car is going to be nearly impossible since I have already called Enterprise and they require you be 25. If we do find someone that would rent him a car until he could find something else to purchase you could add in the cost of a rental car to that total. I have not even mentioned that at the time my son bought his truck my husband and I were with him and in the same day we purchased a new Dodge Challenger Shaker. You would think for a customer that came in and purchased 2 vehicles n 1 day the dealership would be a little more willing to work with someone. I don't think that our demands are that out of touch with reality. Below is a breakdown of what we are willing to do: $17,000 purchase price of the truck $1000.00 cash down payment $1500.00 Trade in $288.00 Cost of the 1st payment on the original purchase. $14,212 Financed Again, the dealership is insisting that they finance the full $17,000 and his down payment was lost in negative equity on a truck they could not sale. I have a print out from the dealership of the truck we were trying to purchase with the VIN included. I need some help- I am unsure what my options are at this point or do we even have any? My son is young, 24, this is his first truck he has tried to finance. I feel they have tried to take advantage of him and with his permission I am speaking on his behalf. Not to mention the dealership has not as of today paid off the loan on the truck he originally purchased. I need some advise....
  8. Very good story- I would imagine if the "non-custodial" parent "interfered" with custody by not returning the children the sheriff's dept would get involved and quickly.
  9. The grandma can't pick them up because the mom feels like she exercises the visitation rights. This used to be allowed and she always took them to the dad when he got in off the road. Grandma is no threat to the children. She has been an upstanding citizen in Paulding County for 22 years, a business owner, raised 4 children including 2 step-children that were in her and her husbands custody, no criminal record, no DFACS history. No it was not
  10. I appreciate everyone input into the situation. It is my hope that after both parents and grandparents read some of your opinions that perhaps they will do as some have said and "grow up"!! I truly believe that the children are the ones that are suffering the most and just want what is best for them!! (On both sides)!!
  11. I tried to clean it up a little so that perhaps it isn't quite as confusing.
  12. Well- for the record I am not in this scenario at all lol.... Yes it does sound like a jerry springer episode. I posted because one of the parties was going to post it FB- where there is no privacy. He/She was just trying to get some honest opinions as to what to do. This is an ongoing thing for them and the birth of the new baby is simply what this one episode is about.
  13. ​I realize this is a little long but I am looking for unbiased opinions her... Please be honest and give me your thoughts To baby daddy- Baby Mama has just started experiencing contractions late this morning and has began to dilate. Her doctor says she could deliver our daughter at anytime over the next day or so. We will be keeping the girls home this weekend so they are able to share in the birth of their baby sister. If delivery goes well and both baby mama & our daughter come home as planned, we would be happy to just trade weekends with you and you can have your time with the girls next weekend. Thanks, Baby Mama and Step-Dad To baby mama- It is almost impossible for me to swap weekends right now. My employer makes arrangements for me to be off every other Friday since my mom can no longer pick the girls up and bring them to me. I have no had visitation with the girls in over a month since they were not allowed to participate their last scheduled weekend. I understand you wanting them there for the birth of their sister. I will be happy to bring them to the hospital to visit but I am unwilling to give up my weekend yet again. Baby Daddy To baby daddy Dad this is baby grandma, baby mama's mom. I understand that this is your weekend for visitation with child A and Child B. However, like step dad said in his email to you- baby mama is in labor and her doctor expects her to deliver at anytime. The girls will be staying with our family and y'all can work out make-up details later. The girls WILL be with their parents during the birth of their baby sister. This is a happy occasion for them all and it will stay that way. If you have follow up question/concerns you are welcome to call me but you will not bother baby mama and step dad during this time. To baby mama It just seems ironic that when I ask for a special events weekend a week in advance or ask to swap weekends for some reason I am denied that but when you need it I am expected to bow down and give in to what ever it is you say. Bit that goes back to you being a control freak- whatever.... To baby mama Since you have offered to trade weekends I would like to pick the girls up Saturday AM and return them on Monday since they do not have school. Please let me know. Thanks Dad To baby mama It has now been 48 hours since my original email about swapping and getting the girls this weekend. You are the one that decided they could not come the weekend of August 8- when you were supposedly having a baby and I even offered to bring them to the hospital should you have her, which by the way you didn't. Now to get any kind of response on trying to swap that weekend as you offered has gone ignored. I have been denied by you for every "special events" weekend I have asked for, you have never allowed me to swap a weekend when it was needed, you have never been the least bit co-operative in anything when it comes to the girls being with me. I'm not sure why I even bother asking. I got exactly what I expected when I requested to have them this weekend NOTHING. Thanks baby daddy To baby Daddy I do apologize! I was unaware there was a time limit on replying to emails and have been a little busy. However, you do have my husband's contact information should you have wished for a faster response instead of sending nasty emails with time lapse updates. Step-Dad offered you the following weekend as a make-up weekend for August 8th, which was August 15th. We heard nothing of you on August 15th and you never showed. Same as you did this past weekend, and it was your weekend! The children were left sitting here waiting on you. We heard NOTHING from you until 6:37pm when you finally texted my husband. By that point we were already on our way to dinner. This weekend is a holiday weekend. You have never been denied a "special events" weekend when requested. I do believe you should actually execute your true weekends without drama (IE: not showing up at all, showing up without car seats & expecting if not to be an issue, bring them home after they haven't been properly taken care of all weekend, etc.) before you should EVEN feel like we should work with you. Baby Mama To baby mama First off I wasn't "nasty" I simply was trying to get an answer, YOU are the one that has started yet again throwing mud, second off, I do NOT feel that I should have deal with your husband for MY children anymore then you wish to deal with my mother for OUR children. I simply asked for a timely answer so that I could make arrangements. As for my regularly scheduled weekend- I did call during my 15 min window however no one would answer the phone as is the norm and even if you had of you would not have allowed me to pick them up even though things were out of my hand in getting there on time. As I have stated on numerous occasions I drive a truck for a living. You can never control when you will be sitting in traffic for 3 hours as I was on Friday. I have made every possible arrangement with my employer to be here and in town on my regular weekends. I can not ask him to guarantee me to be home every weekend. To have asked him to give me the following weekend guaranteed at home would have been impossible; hence me asking for this weekend. That is the life of a truck driver and you know this; you are just unwilling to work with me when something of this nature happens. As for requested "special events" weekends I will be glad to provide you with text and emails where you have denied those stating that you had to have a minimum of 2 weeks notice even though you have never yourself followed that rule. I will consider the birth of your new daughter your 2nd "special events" weekend for this year. Even though in the grand scheme of things doesn't really make a damn since when you don't want them to come over they will "be to sick to participate in visitation". Considering you have made them miss their own birthday party at stars and strikes, successfully kept them from me since before their birthday, I will consider this request as being denied as well. Have a great evening Baby Daddy To baby Daddy Not real sure why you don't feel you should be communicating with step dad at this point?!?! Your communication being with the girls DADDY is no where even remotely equal to you asking us to deal with a grandparent. Also, considering step dad is the ONLY person supporting the girls financially (since he considers it rather important I be home with the children full time)- I'd say he is the perfect one for communication regarding the girls to go through. When you begin to be the father he is to the girls, you can throw it up that they're YOURS. Until then, all I consider you to be is a sperm donor that we do wish for them to at least know so they can form their own opinion and don't have to take our word for your ways. I'm a little tired of you bashing my husband because they're not biologically his children. He entered their lives LONG before you did (BY YOUR CHOICE MIGHT I ADD) and has been a perfect parent to them since day one. He has loved them, provided for them, cared for them when they were sick, taught them right from wrong, etc. Until you can say the same (WHICH WILL BE NEVER- because you can't even seem to do the minimum required of you by our state) I believe he is the perfect one for you to communicate with regarding the girls because honestly I don't like putting up with your drama & sorry excuses all of the time. He is a retail manager and deals with people like you all of the time & is MUCH better at doing so. Special events weekends should be requested 2 weeks prior UNLESS something happens that is unavoidable such as a death! THE ONLY time we've requested a special events weekend that was not notified 2 weeks prior was the last weekend my grandfather was alive. The times you have requested have always been "week of" because of "out of town family coming in" which could EASILY be requested 2 weeks prior. And typically those requests come after weekends like this past weekend where you don't execute your time with them as you should and once again expect everything to be rearranged for you because you fell short and didn't do what you should. We offered to swap weekends with you when Mary Kate was born because you hadn't seen them in as long as you had instead of requesting a special events weekend. That weekend WILL NOT be considered a special events weekend as you were offered the weekend of August 15 as a make-up so they could visit with you, when you left them sitting on the sofa waiting again! A phone call would have been appreciated in that case as well. As far as the girls not being allowed to come if they're not feeling well, that will continue and is your own fault we choose to handle visitations as such. You're not responsible and do not properly take care of them when they're well- so I sure the hell won't be letting them go if they're even the slightest bit under the weather! Denver & I have to pay their doctor bills and we can't afford a doctors visit every time they come home from your house because you can't use good judgement and take care of them so they don't get worse. But you can go ahead and think what you want to. You can turn every little thing into my fault if you feel like it. I'm used to it by now and have come to accept that this is just how your mother raised you and people like you WILL NEVER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS! No matter what you say to them. PS Not real sure who you called on 8/8 at 6:15 as you're claiming, but it wasn't my husband! (And you're blocked from calling me as you knew already). Next time at least a phone call would be lovely so the girls aren't left sitting on the sofa waiting! You've done that to them to many times to count and last weekend will be the last! My girls deserve MUCH better than that! Baby Mama To baby daddy I am not going to keep arguing baby-mama I simply asked if I could have the girls this week-end in place of the last week-end you took. However- to address some of your accusations: 1. Step-Dad is not their Daddy he is their step-dad. Yes, he lives with them full time and he has taken care of them. I have not degraded him nor have I "bashed" him. I simply said that I should have communication with their mother not their step father. 2. I have financially supported my children since they were born; yes, I have arrears I know this. I have been forced to take a lessor paying job so that I can be home to get them every other week-end as scheduled since you are unwilling to work with me and let their grandmother pick them up and bring them to me. Even with that there are times when because of my job things happen and I don't get there by the 6:15 mark and when that happens in your eyes I just am neglecting to pick up my children and be a daddy to them. Not at all the case but you refuse to see anything else and there is not changing your opinion and I won't continue to try. 3. Considering I was there for the birth of my children and their step-dad wasn't I think I was there first. Had I of known that I could obtain visitation with my children without an attorney it would have been done much earlier then it was. As of now; I have been there with parental rights for more then 1/2 there life. I'm NOT going anywhere and you will have to put up with me for at least another 11 years like it or not. I do take full responsibility for not have seen them the first 31/2 years they were alive; having said that though there were many times that I asked, my mother asked, and you would agree only to leave either one or both of us standing looking like a dumb ass waiting on you to show up when you knew full well that you were not going to allow me to see them. At some point I decided to give up on it until I learned that I could do this without an attorney. I'm sorry that your fantasy world of me just paying child support and you never having to deal with ME personally didn't pan out. 4. Special events week-ends we have been over and again I will not continue to argue over them. Yes, I have asked for them a week out never to any avail. As I said before it doesn't really matter when you want them I am expected to bow down to you and accept whatever it is you want but when I ask for something this is the typical conversation that we have. ie: I am a piece of cheeze, I should NEVER expect you to consider the life that MY children have with me or my family. 5. Swapping the week-end that new baby was SUPPOSE to be born for the following week-end- first off she wasn't even born then, secondly I can't always just get off of work according to YOUR schedule. Remember, I drive a truck for a living and sometimes (most of the time) my schedule is planned for 2 weeks out. But then again, I am expected to bow down to what baby mama wants because she is the ruler. 6. I have no problem with you taking care of them when/if they are sick. Every child wants their mommy when they are sick. What I would like to see if that you offer a make-up week-end when they are. I don't get to see my children all that often and believe it or not when you deny them visitation with me and their daddy's family you are just hurting them more then anyone. 7. I am not trying to turn anything in to "your fault" I have simply stated facts about (a) not being allowed to talk to my children when I call since according to you step-dad works out of town and isn't even at home to allow me to talk to them and as you said you have me blocked so that I can't call. ( being denied visitation and you refusing to work with me on pick up of the girls. 8. I can promise you this though when/if we go back to court there will be things changed in the visitation order or we will just take it in front of a judge. Until then; I will continue to do what I can to have a relationship with my children and you can continue to tell them I am their "sperm donor" as you have so pleasantly put it. I hate to think what opinion they will have of their mother when they find out what "just after a sperm donor" entails. Unfortunately it says just as much about your morals and ethics as it does mine! 9. I have decided that the next week-end the girls are "to sick to participate in visitation, or a family emergency comes up I will pack my bags and come to them since they are not allowed to come with me. Baby Daddy
  14. www.georgiawildlife.com/BerryEagleCam I'm not sure why the link isn't really a link but the live camera feed is pretty cool.
  15. Thank you all for your help! I found the quilting guild and they got me the "hook up"!
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