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  1. It's not necessary to let the county know about your business. Sometimes, neighbors do the "neighborly" thing and notify the county for you!
  2. Had Brunswick stew simmering in the crock pot all day.
  3. My oncologist's office gave us a lightweight duffle bag to take to our treatments. It contained a fleece blanket, socks, cap, insulated lunch tote, and water bottle, with enough room left for a kindle, laptop, books, anti nausea meds, etc. it really came in handy because all of my stuff was in one place. The chemo lounge had free wifi, so it was nice to toss on the blanket and surf the net while I was there.
  4. In 2011 I had radiation as well as chemo (6 weeks of daily radiation, 18 weeks of chemo) and never lost my hair. When I went to my orientation session, we were told hair loss was dependent on the type of chemotherapy used; those of us having weekly chemo treatments probably would experience little to no hair loss and those have treatments every 21 days probably would probably lose their hair after the second treatment. With that said, The Cancer Center at Northside (where I had my radiation treatments) usually had some colorful handmade caps and scarves for patients that were free fo
  5. I bought my very first brand spanking new car in 1980. It was a z-28 Camaro. I was 19 at the time and I would be responsible for everything (payments, maintenance, and insurance) and my dad wanted my name only on the title. The dealership was fine with it but the insurance company said they could not insure it unless my dad's name was on the title, as well. Not sure if it was because of the type of car or my age (under 21) but that was my experience 30+ years ago.
  6. But the good stuff won't last! So they are have a 1 hour loot guarantee.
  7. Not sure about Paulding's code, but if it's been without power for longer than 6 months in most counties, it will have to be inspected by the county prior to power being turned on.
  8. I'm not going to believe its TP posting until I see a chart.
  9. Wow! Most brides go with a DJ to entertain guests at the reception. The times they are a changin' (so the song says)
  10. Along those same lines.... Remember "The Waltons"? Out of seven children, only ONE of them was worth a flip and it was NOT John Boy!! The family scraped and saved every nickel they could for John Boy's education and what did he do? Write three novels that hardly anyone bought and he was dropped from his publisher. When he returned to Walton's Mountain after the war, he had to go back to Boatright University and take a job as a professor because, as his publisher stated, there was already a glut of wartime novels on the market...who needs another. Jason got a music scholarship
  11. Hope it does get extended...for the remainder of the school year in the county jail. Actions have consequences.
  12. Is it an X? Or could it be an extremely small pie chart...only TP knows for sure.
  13. A long time ago, I read about a nasty divorce where there was a big squabble around who got the house and what nights and weekends the kids would be spending with whom. The judge's decision was that somehow he had the house put in the names of the children and the parents had to find their own separate living arrangements and take turns spending the night in the house. The judge said it wasn't fair for the kids to be shuttled back and forth just because the parents were acting like idiots. As for the OP's story, if I were baby daddy, I'd be dealing with baby mama and baby mama ONLY.
  14. What about "trail rage"? Maybe she accidentally walked or ran into a biker/skater/runner, etc. and they got so pissed off the beat the crap out of her.
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