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  1. Click Events on the left hand side of the screen and a list of stuff you have replied to should be there.
  2. Thanks for posting the link! Here is the facebook event page so everyone SHARE it http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=201247033263302
  3. I wanted to warn everyone NOW. Last year I believe I posted it very last minute and some missed out. Located at: Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport 3rd Annual Paulding County Public Safety Family Festival Oct 8th 11-5 Bring the Kids to the Free Family Savings Credit Union Kid Zone! Meet and Greet Police, Fire, Rescue, EMTs, GBI, GSP, and National Guard. Food,raffles and more! Moonwalks/Jumpy are FREE!One of the largest Public Safety events in the state. I know more food vendors are wanted,somebody to do a funnel cake booth? Chickfila,Texas Roadhouse & Jim N Nicks are already scheduled and they ran out of food last year!! Vendor spots are available for $125 (I did a booth last year and there was LOTS of food traffic). Sponsor levels from $100-$1000 Raffle items are also needed! Expect 5000+ people this year! PM me for more info!
  4. Hello neighbor! I am off Hutcheson Pass off 101
  5. My sons elementary school does. If you message me I will come get them!
  6. Beach Bum....where is your beach house? Do you rent it?
  7. We are home! It believe it took around 6 hrs to get there from Temple. We left yesterday around lunch time before the rain got there.
  8. You had me with an answer til you said kids and in the back lol my SIL has a 66 Ford but kids and the back of the truck wouldnt fly with her haha
  9. I put mine in a box. My Avon delivery boxes were the perfect size. We have one for Preschool,K and I started the 1st grade box. I toss everything in there. My mom had stuff from when I went to school and I enjoyed looking at it 18year later so everything from newsletters to crap projects to worksheets are in the box. Some stuff he has done for us hangs on a wall in our bedroom cause he started hanging it there himself and we couldnt break his heart and I started a wall in the office
  10. This is where we go LOVE them! Bad experiences at Dr. Sharon staff and suggestion to wrap my kid to a board at 2 for his filling and Dr. Turner (with office/payment management) not the dr. we loved him.
  11. We have these small flying black bugs that bite and they are painful bites. We dont know what they are. They arent the no see ums cause thats what I thought at first.
  12. LisaG

    Wrong mail

    Id check it out. My sister in law got an evenelope a few weeks ago made out to her from some unknown person. It contained 3 money orders filled out to and from again from two different names she didnt know,which turned up to be fake. After post office and sheriffs office she found her credit card had been charged USPS fees. She froze her credit and got a new card blah blah it was strange and crazy!
  13. Also AVOID Dallas Nebo rd@ Victoria Ln for the next HOUR due to traffic incident. Roads closed in both directions.Paulding County E911 advises you to AVOID Dallas Nebo Rd@Victoria Ln due to a current traffic accident blocking both directions.
  14. I looked into him before and found more dislikes than likes and didnt use him.
  15. LisaG


    There is a one bedroom house out here by one of my Avon Customers I saw it last time I delivered an order. It was like $425 for 1b1b I belive Id have to drive by and get the # if off Buchanan hwy would be ok for them?
  16. Say all you want about yellow jackets only being in the ground but we had yellow jackets take up in a hole in our siding and the burrowed into our house. Thankfully we saw them going in and out before it got out of control.
  17. $255 here. Running the big unit as little as possible. We use a window unit in our room and the boys rooms stays cool as they are in the shadey corner of the house so they are good with fans at night. The hot tub is turned off so that helps. Pool pump doesnt help any though lol
  18. Yep thats when Open house is. Last year they put a generic list online for each grade and then at open house we learned what the teachers wanted them to have.
  19. LisaG

    Wavy Hair

    Avon has a frizz control hair line. Have customers who love it! http://shop.avon.com/shop/product_list.aspx?level1_id=300&level2_id=341&pdept_id=682&cat_type=B
  20. LisaG


    Been thundering since about 8 here and seems to be getting worse.
  21. We have a 16ft Intex above ground. The liner with the metal pole type. I put two packs of the shock/algeaside mix from walmart in it once a week. And its stays pretty and sparkling.
  22. The new one is going up down 101 toward Villa Rica on 101 by the fire station and I believe its Villa Rica Middle School
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