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  1. Were in Davis Mill Estates. Power is back on, but internet & tv are still out.
  2. Dr. Johnson @ Hiram Animal Hospital is great. With 4 dogs and 1 cat it can get expensive. They take great care of us.
  3. It was yellow jackets. We had someone come out yesterday and spray them. They found a little hole in the vinyl siding and get in the wall.
  4. It's not homey bees. They look like yellow jackets to me.
  5. We are need of an exterminator. We have bees that have decided to buid a nest in the wall of our house. Any good recommendations? Thanks
  6. I,m posting this from my iPad. Looks to be working for me.
  7. Never been. Don't plan on it any time soon. Way to much money for a cup of coffee.
  8. Can't beat the new Iphone 4. I love mine. Find new stuff to use it for every day.
  9. Just came home to find the firefrucks right down from our house. I heard someone saying it was dynamite that blew up.
  10. We heard it also. It was loud. Scared the crap out of our dogs.
  11. It's at 61 and Nebo. Real good food.
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