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  1. Got it printed and will get a check cut and in the mail.
  2. Anybody gotten their hands on it and can send it to me? *Dallas Christmas Parade I've been in contact but they said they couldnt send it to my email which is crazy b/c I use my email everyday and its working just fine. Gave them another email and havent heard back. Just really want to get it turned in and scheduled so we can start planning. Thanks!
  3. We have a design ready to go on 500 t-shirts. However we are a few sponsors short. Your info will go on the back of all the shirts. Two sponsor options $200 which will be a larger font and above the rest $100 will be right below ALL $ raised from the shirt sales will go to Relay 4 Life (American Cancer Society) and other charities we help through the year. Check us out on Facebook Queens of Sling. We raised over $13,000 for Susan G Komen in 2012. Thanks!
  4. Crist Roofing just did ours last week and we are VERY pleased with ours and the customer service
  5. I sure hope they change their mind. I will do more shopping at Publix...who am I kidding I do more shopping at Publix anyways they are much more couponer friendly!
  6. My parents didnt and said it wasnt good. The potatoes tasted like they were from a box. And I cant remember what else they ordered (i can ask again) but they said they would never go back.
  7. Wish Id known about this.
  8. Bought a Zepad from somebody. She reset it to factory settings. Works grand except logging into Android Market it ask for my google account so I put it in and it comes back with the error "can't establish a reliable data connection to the server" Something about your device may not be provisioned for data services yet Im connected to wifi and can play on browser and facebook etc... If I cant figure it out its for sale $120 what I paid for it. I like it and wish I could add games and stuff
  9. I may have a twin size if you still need one?
  10. Prayers for JJ, Chickadee and the family. Glad he is peaceful. I have had met him many times over the past 7 years at various events.
  11. There is the Dallas Moms Club and a few others I cant remember. I used to run one but my youngest starts prek this year so no more for me. playgrouusa.com is a fun site. Will see if I can think of the other local group.
  12. Been to some great p.com parties. Halloween, Christmas, lunches. Keep me posted on if you decide to get one together.
  13. We have done Marietta Square a few times and its always been awesome. You may have to walk after you park but worth it. Villa Rica was so paked the one year we went we got there a few hours early and still ended up parking in the tractor rental place and it took HOURS to get out. People parked all over the median and everywhere. The school would be good if you can get a spot.
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