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  1. I know they have been calling - well at least until I blocked the number.
  2. I would not impose the responsibility of my children on others. I guess that is the conservative and take personal responsibility side of me.
  3. While I agree industry is needed, that will all start with proper transportation infrastructure. Would love to see a "highway 61 connector" from I-75 to I-20 right down the middle of the county to bring in industry.
  4. I don't think I would want to give any money to an organization that spent 5.5 million to build something and then sold it for 4. Isn't real estate suppose increase in value? That is what I am told about my property taxes year after year.
  5. I love the part where they need to continue the tax so they can borrow money (bond) to pay off long term debt....
  6. Will be interesting to see if the local residents who came up with lots of money to fight noise in previous lawsuits will once again open "their" pocketbooks to save the county from the "loud and ugly" aircraft. My bet is this never gets off the ground.
  7. I learned yesterday that the Bartow landfill no longer takes out of county customers. My $2.20 load yesterday will not cost $10 at Paulding.
  8. "elections have consequences" I think I heard that once on the BoBo the Clown show.
  9. yes - something that is $40-50 in Paulding is $7 in Bartow even for out of county. $10 is Paulding's minimum load fee.
  10. SG - the Bartow landfill in Emerson is much cheaper than Paulding.
  11. yeah, but I did find a great deal on moth balls!
  12. I'd point the finger at the judge too who is allowing the nonsense. The attorney is just pushing the law.
  13. RFP should have been put out. I would think that it was county policy to bid jobs of a certain value.
  14. If you go with a BGE then check out the festivals in the spring and fall that sell the demo units for a good price. We got ours at the North GA show a few years ago and my wife really likes it. Dual probe wireless thermometer and ash basket are two good accessories to have. Cowboy charcoal from Costco is best price performer.
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