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  1. Steve, the "computer rescue" guy took what he called a "real job" a couple years back and said he just no longer had time for the business, unless something has changed. Great guy!!
  2. I was diagnosed 10+ years ago but not sure it was an accurate diagnosis. No hearing loss here. The bouts of vertigo have gotten better in the last few years, but when they hit, they hit hard. There really isn't much for the vertigo except Antivert (Dramamine II is the same thing) or Valume.... I didn't like taking Valume, just made me want to sleep. Was on a diuretic at first too, but haven't been on one for years. Good luck!!!!
  3. I do have to say.... we color eggs on Saturday before Easter. It has surprised me this year how early others were coloring their eggs. Out hunt at churh isn't just a hunt and it is HUGE, but it's a great community outreach!!
  4. was coming from behind Stars & Strikes... surely someone knows what it was.
  5. The National Weather Service is reporting 5 tornadoes in the state today, Lindale in Floyd, Calhoun in Gordon , Adairsville in Bartow, Dallas in Paulding, Mountain Town up in Gilmer. The one in Calhoun was on the ground for 16 miles long and was 1/2 of a mile wide!! http://wizarmy.11alive.com/news/weather/155697-5-confirmed-tornadoes-storms-today Not sure where the one in Paulding was though... was hoping someone here would know.
  6. TYVM!!! that is exactly what I was looking for!!! Glad I know where to ask, couldn't find it on my own.
  7. I had really good luck with it when I've used it. Haven't gotten a lot of stuff off of there, but I use it to get rid of a lot of stuff. I hate throwing out something if I think someone can use it.
  8. Okay, did it go away or am I just blind??? Haven't posted anything in a while and now I can't find it.
  9. Punpkin Fest is at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church on Halloween!
  10. anyone know whats up? I hear civil defense alarms in New Hope
  11. natesmom2


    You can buy slug pellets to put out... or just spread plenty of salt... we used to love salting them when we were young too!!! I would say I haven't seen one in years, but I might jinx myself.
  12. It was worse than horrible... my son works at the toyota dealership and when they heard the crash went running to see what was up... he wished he had not. We were on the way out of town, and if we had left on time, would have been in the middle of it, but thank you God, we were running late. My son was so shook up that we ran by the dealership, since we were right there, and gave him a hug. When we saw the accident, all victims/people were gone and just the cars/trucks emergency vehicles were there... it made me physically sick it was so bad. I still just can't get it off of my mind. P
  13. news van heading to 12 Oaks? Why? what did I miss? Okay, scratch that.. just saw the story.... I hope the mexican food is yummyyyyy!!!!!!
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