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  1. it is always better to sell your stuff and take the money to put down on something new. If you're on FB, you can look at "tractors for sale" page and other farm type pages and also try looking on Craigslist to find comparable tractors for sale.
  2. have violin, need teacher. Anyone know anyone preferably South Paulding or within a 10 mile radius? She wants to learn to play violin with the goal of playing fiddle.
  3. It made me smile when I noticed that you started this thread. How many times have I jumped up on my Lyme Soapbox and declared the same statement. People have NO IDEA how corrupt the government is and we all need to be afraid of these 2 new illnesses that are upon us. They lie about Lyme and so many people suffer horrific symptoms and death, only over years and years as opposed to these illnesses that will take you quickly. Do not trust them. Educate yourself, protect yourself and your family.
  4. his weekend is his weekend. If he don't show, oh well, she has custody. If you can't bend and flex to help each other, don't expect the other party to bend and flex. He don't bend, you don't bend. She don't bend, he don't bend. It's all about learning to work with each other. Obviously they were not very good at doing that in the first place. The losers are the kids and both parents to blame. period.
  5. Yes, it is a dollar store. I think specifically Dollar General. I read that in the DC Sentinel about a month ago so I may be incorrect on which dollar store it is.
  6. 4H Horse and Pony will be there! Bring the kiddos over for a pony/horse ride!
  7. LPPT (I will assume) and I will hold our tongues on the "cured" part. If it involves the CDC, you do not need blinders on to the "truth". There are some pretty stunning untruths on their website. She and I know first hand. I am very happy the missionaries are getting well. I hope the future holds continued wellness and healing for them. God definitely blessed them in big ways.
  8. praying for my friend's teenage son who witnessed it. This is going to be with him forever.
  9. okay. I'm going to tell you guys again this year and LPPT will back me up on this one. WE HAVE LYME DISEASE IN PAULDING COUNTY. If the friend had a large bullseye rash on her, she MOST LIKELY has lyme. The CDC denies the existence of lyme in the south. I KNOW the day, date, time and place I was bitten and got the bullseye rash and tested "beyond positive" according to Dr. Christopher Watts, Infectious Disease specialist. He also said and I quote "I see at LEAST 20 patients a week with lyme". He was then working at the medical building next to Tanner in Villa Rica. I was bitten October 8 2011 at about 2pm in my back pasture and I live off Bob Hunton in South Paulding. I have never been so sick and for so long. It took me 1 1/2 years to get better and I still suffer with a few residual issues in my joints. Go look at the CDC FB page and see how many lyme patients are posting about how sick they are and the CDC restricts the medical protocol to help them. You'd better hope you don't get lyme. I could write a book and actually sent an extremely long letter to Senator Blumenthal of New Jersey who is trying to hold the CDC accountable for the people who have died from lyme and who are chronically ill with it. It is your worst nightmare as far as an illness goes and it's even harder to get real treatment that actually helps. The couple of days of antibiotics only put a bandaid on a gunshot. DO ALL YOU CAN TO KEEP THE TICKS AWAY FROM YOU. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND PROTECT YOURSELF because the government is not going to help you and neither will your doctor. I can hook you up with links and groups if you think you may have lyme or you want to learn more about lyme. You could be suffering now with it and you don't know it. http://georgialymedisease.org/
  10. Lucky W Ranch on Cedar Grove Rd in Fairburn has round pen panels.
  11. I just wanted to make sure ya'll knew that the Paulding County Master Gardeners Plant Sale is today at the County Extension office. The 4H Horse and Pony Club is grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. The 4H'ers will also be on hand to help you to your car with your plant purchases. Come see us. It's going to be a beautiful day!
  12. that's what it's alllllll about. Even if...worst case scenario....you're making memories that he will never forget.
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