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  1. "What did I do ?" Grow up man you know perfectly well what you did, you called the Lady slow, stupid then in your usual condescending maor when about straightening her out. Now like a two year old child face smeared with chocolate icing has the gall to ask "What mommy what did I do ?"
  2. It's always a source of amusement when the question is asked; How does a great entrepreneur, a captain of industry and business mogul like Guard Dad find the time to post comments half the day on social media sites ? But I digress, of course you are taking the high road, I mean , don't you always ? (sarcasm)
  3. Besides trying to rile up your conservative friends what does that have to do with this conversation ?
  4. Had I written that you would be crying "hate" and complaining to the Mods. in your campaign to have me banned from Pcom. What you submit is conjecture and opinion and your link to the robocalls origin is meaningless when you can spoof any number you want. Because pointing guns at teenagers is the kind of governor you want, right ?
  5. Maybe you haven't looked. “This is the magical Negro Oprah Winfrey asking you to make my fellow Negress Stacey Abrams the governor of Georgia,” the robo-call begins The robo-call labels Abrams “a poor man’s Aunt Jemima,” a reference to the black lady on the front of the pancake mix box, an image that has itself been derided as a racist symbol https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/11/04/racist-magical-negro-robo-call-oprah-targets-stacey-abrams-georgia-governors-race/?utm_term=.bb7a8f9279d9
  6. I know that these wishes of "thoughts and prayers" seem empty and almost insulting these days. People are tired of living in a country that sees on average one mass murder by some madman every single week. A country where the only question is whos next.
  7. I think people could have accepted the integrity of this election a lot easier had Kemp resigned his position as Secretary of State which basically put him in charge of overseeing his own election. Even though Kemp has yet to be certified the winner I watched as Gov. Deal congratulate Kemp as Georgia's new gov. and thought that's a Georgia good ole boys circle jerk if I ever saw one. I never gave Stacy Abrams much of a chance of being elected as governor in a state that referred to her as everything from Mammy to Aunt Jemima, still she gave those good ole boys a run for their money and did b
  8. Get over it snowflake. I do however find it fascinating that the biggest asshole on pcom suddenly wants to hold hands and sing kumbaya.
  9. Ya can't blame a guy for wishing can ya ?
  10. A lot of Republicans will need a drink this sunday.
  11. Not as much as you were let down by the size of Donald Trump's 'hands'.
  12. You like history ? Here's some history I'll bet you were never never taught in school. https://timeline.com/history-tulsa-race-massacre-a92bb2356a69
  13. A guardian angle ? Is that like a right angle, acute, obtuse or reflex ? Any site you moderate internet boy is a site to avoid.
  14. Such a nasty, hate filled post guard dud....... why all the anger poopsy, cleaners starch your tighty whities again ?
  15. The truth about the Trump economy https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/8/24/17759940/donald-trump-economy-jobs-growth-obama
  16. I'm betting a fat negro woman joke makes you the life of the party with the crowd you hang out with. .
  17. Kemp is saying a lot of things these days. CITING NO EVIDENCE, BRIAN KEMP ACCUSES GEORGIA DEMOCRATS OF HACKINGIN DECEMBER 2016, Georgia secretary of state Brian Kemp accused the Department of Homeland Security of attempting to hack his office's systems, which include the Georgia voter registration database. Six months later, the DHS inspector general concluded that the allegations were unfounded; someone on a DHS computer had simply visited the Georgia Secretary of State website. Now, two days before an election in which Kemp himself is the Republican candidate for governor, he has levied
  18. Lighten up ? Looks like you are trying be an A hole at someone else's expense, what's funny about that ?
  19. Why doubt it ? That could explain your "get off my lawn" and "get out of my county" attitude .
  20. You have any idea how many threads you've shutdown or is that your whole purpose ?
  21. If you have a comment on today's election make it now before Guard Dad shuts down another thread.
  22. The weather is miserable voting on the internet is so much more convenient, if you intend on voting a straight Republican ticket cast your vote by texting "Narrow minded Old White Man" to 666-666-6666
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