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  1. Wishful thinking. There is no proof Trump's policies have created, helped to create of had any effect on job creation. There is ample proof his trade wars have caused harm to the economy and to long established relationships with friends and allies. I will however give him an A for effort for trying to bring back a few thousand jobs in the dirty coal industry but by in large his efforts, thank God, have been a complete failure.
  2. I already have now prove me wrong. Presidents with cooperation from Congress can increase spending with hopes of stimulating the economy, but the only jobs government can create are government jobs.Putting people out of work as Trump has managed single handed is another matter. https://www.inquisitr.com/5199753/stock-market-headed-to-worst-year-since-george-w-bush-was-president-trump-obsessively-worried-about-it/
  3. Name one job outside of government that President Chump has created.
  4. Presidents do not create jobs I challenge you to list one job Trump has created . You can however argue that presidents have the power to destroy jobs, like the auto workers and farmers that have lost their jobs because of Trump's trade wars. So I ask you why do you hate farmers and blue collar Americans ?
  5. Trump's dishonesty, the inherent dishonesty of those that support him, I really can't see how you seperate the two. But it is your thread so ,,,
  6. Unless you're willing to buy this sudden support for "Brown people" and sexual equality you know good and well he's race baiting.
  7. The Post ask the question ; "Why Trump’s supporters won’t care about Cohen and Manafort’s convictions" The answer is because what's left of Trump supporters are a cult and like most cults are willing to "drink the koolaid" to honor their profit/savior. ps; While your ruminating ..... https://www.inquisitr.com/5199753/stock-market-headed-to-worst-year-since-george-w-bush-was-president-trump-obsessively-worried-about-it/
  8. If you truly took issue with ignorance and lies you would have blown your brains out years ago.
  9. It's no secret you've been stalking RM for years here on pcom. Ive always suspected it's your way of feeling like a man because at home you wouldn't dare talk back .
  10. Could-a would-a should-a. I'll bet that was your motto after 20 + years as a traffic cop in the army.
  11. Sorry I'm still laughing at you calling me a racist. BTW El Zero does it make you feel like a man piling on Rocky's Mom with your butt buddy GD? Get off that phony ass soapbox Lady before you fall and hurt yourself. It's not us Democrats that say you shouldn't be able to vote if you can't speak english.
  12. As usual all you have to offer is a whole lot of nothing.
  13. Somebody's reaching alright, question is who. Do you really think Trump could spend as much time at Mar A Lago as he does and not notice 90% of his staff are speaking spanish?
  14. Trump's properties all have a reputation of bringing in foreign workers both legally and illegally. It's no different than his criticism of companies that operate factories overseas while at the same time he makes cheap suits and ties and his daughter makes designer shoe knockoffs in China. The good news is you can only fool some of the people some of the time. https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-trump-lawyer-met-russian-offering-political-synergy-020704466--politics.html
  15. Trump is the only person 'who can bring down a funeral https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/419999-colbert-trump-is-the-only-person-in-the-world-who-can-bring-down-a
  16. Mind telling us what you found that was funny or is that just your way of saying you have nothing except a poor attempt to dismiss the facts.
  17. Well what ya know.... After years of searching,finger pointing and accusations Republicans have at last found the fraud they have been looking for all this time and I'll be damned if it wasn't one of their own. House race in limbo after North Carolina voter fraud claims (Reuters) - North Carolina’s board of elections on Friday declined to certify Republican Mark Harris’ apparent victory in a U.S. House of Representatives race, calling instead for a public hearing to investigate claims of voter fraud and irregularities. The North Carolina board is expected to look in
  18. Pubby Just what if .... Frogs grew wings ?
  19. Conservatives get upset over the darndest things. Let a few brown families get a free meal and your heads explode, meanwhile the Republicans and their 1% donors are taking you for a trillion dollar ride and you don't even know it .
  20. I cannot believe if she was guilty of a convictable crime a Republican House and Senate along with a vindictive jerk like Jeff Sessions would not have pressed charges long ago. If you seriously believe (and I doubt you do) that Paul,I need a spine Ryan and Mitch turtleneck McConnell would pass up something like that I have a bridge to sale you....
  21. You aren't capable of having a civil discussion, are you?
  22. Maybe you could get someone to explain it to you.
  23. It's telling that we are now in a place where we praise someone for treating a grieving family with respect.
  24. You would have to pull your nose out of his rear first.
  25. You had to know from the start if anything brought the S.O.B down it would be his greed.
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