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  1. I am looking for a home to rent or basement apartment. Lower rent, but safe area. Dallas area to Kennesaw area. Thanks.
  2. Who is that weather blog guy that people swear by around here?!!!
  3. Yay!!!JMHS, I'mean glad someone else saw it! My daughter was with me, so she saw it too...she has determined it was an angel! What do you think it was?
  4. I was driving home Monday night around 9:30 on Due West. I was coming from the Mars Hill section and about halfway to 92 when I noticed in the dark sky, a light, that was too big and shapely to be a star, but it was high in the sky. As I continued on, I got closer to the object (or it got closer to me). We finally got close enough to each other for me to see that it was a cross...in the sky! I couldn't see a tower, I couldn't see wires, it was too high to be a Christmas decoration, too high to belong in someone's yard and too clear and defined to be an airplane. It had the brightness of L
  5. We had zucchini and beef meatloaf, roasted cauliflower, and steamed peas. We had zucchini and beef meatloaf, roasted cauliflower, and steamed peas. I have tried cold soup before....and just couldn't love it. I wonder, is warm soup an American thing only?
  6. I believe there is a range on 381 headed toward 41, but before you reach Crossroads. It is on the left.
  7. Thank you, Lowrider. I will give her the information.
  8. My grandmother, age 85, is having a lot of health problems and would like to find a new primary care doctor. Preferably one who has an office in Paulding and who works out of Cobb and/or Paulding Hospital. Who would you suggest we try?
  9. We had Potato-wrapped salmon, steamed asparagus and sauteed cherry tomatoes
  10. I am looking for a sand table for my two year old nephew. Anyone?
  11. We had the 24 hour one last week....pain in the stomach, felt bloated and if you could just vomit, it would feel so much better...and it did. Also began with diarrhea. Hope y'all feel better and get the 24 hour one, not the week long one.
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