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  1. Thank you all for the feedback, I was just surprised because they sent about 10 different notices listing different doctors individually. It seemed kind of excessive. It probably is a consumer scare tactic to make us raise the roof with whichever company we can. Good to know I hopefully have no worries
  2. I have now received several notices letting us know that nearly all of our GP and specialists are no longer covered under Aetna....HUH?> Anyone have some insight as to what is going on. We have been having problems with insurance not paying on our bills after we have paid all of our co-pays . I am wondering should I contact Wellstar or insurance company as to who in the Tanner health system we need to use...they have even gone so far as to say Paulding hospital is now out of network. Go figure. We have some very important medical issues with hubby and now the surgeon and his GP are both not covered......
  3. I called hubby to tell him about this development and we were talking about how the counties are making money hand over fist with everyone needing all this documentation, I also called my children to confirm that they have all they needed as I relinguished all of their paperwork once they were old enough to keep track of it and put it somewhere safe. I mentioned also to the lady that it made me very nervous having all that paperwork with me, when I was there someone had dropped papers on the floor and we were not sure who the marriage certificate belonged to and the other things were the peoples next to me scary
  4. You know I have been married before also, I was afraid to tell them that because I just knew they would probably want the documentation for that as well. That is insane my previous marriage I was married 17 years I would not know where to begin to find that paperwork LOL
  5. I went to Carrollton I was in and out in about an hour, she did say yesterday it was about a 3 hour wait, she said best time to come back is early morning, they gave me a temporary license good for 120 days I think and I paid today for temp lic. 5 year is $20.00 and 8 year is $32.00
  6. I went to get my renewal done with a large collection of paperwork to insure everything they requested I would have including, birth certificate, ss# card copy, w-2 (in case ss# copy would not work), two forms of residence mailings in my name. Sounds good right...NOT....advice for women if your name is different than your birth certificate you will be required to have certified marriage certificate (not the one signed by pastor) Soooo needless to say I left there with temporary license until I return with proper documentation. Go figure, please let anyone married that this will be required. I understand that this is all necessary for our own protection Etc. but they should be more specific on this form of identification. Even though in order to change my name they had to have my marriage certificate 3 years ago. Oh well just thought I would share so I can help someone else avoid this complication. Have a groovy day all!!!
  7. Be patient and keep an open mind and forgive them. I went through this with my bestie and it drove a wedge virtually irreversible. I now wish she was here to talk to and set things right, but she passed away last year. I know it hurt's but sometimes we only see one side. I hope it all works out!! People will disappoint it is a fact of life, how we handle it is our true measure. Good luck
  8. Thank you I hope to, fixing hot coffee and snuggled reading pcom lol and most dangerous thing I hope to do today is walk my doggies and laugh at their dismay LOL
  9. newspaper is supposed to call us and get us out this morning hahahaha have heard nothing just when boss said she was at warehouse and we heard roads were impassable and she lives in Paulding. For AJC customers please be aware they cannot get papers to your carriers from Gwinett, so far. I rolled a truck last winter trying to deliver and two weeks ago it took me 9 hours to deliver my route on sheets of ice NO FUN. I still took complaints and probably will for last night that they did not get their paper. ugh!!!!
  10. Prayers for all the family, Hope surgery and head injury all heals well and thankful that he has no swelling. Too the self appointed judges on here. Stand up if you never made a wrong judgement when parenting, and your child walked in complete perfection in their lives because you think you and they are perfect...GET REAL!!!! Once again prayers
  11. Done!!!! My problem is where is the money really coming from for this admittedly pricey location, your a fool to not wonder as our own government has shown us always look for the bottom line and who benefits!!! Not usually in favor of the citizens of this fine country, generally it works out in favor of he who has most money, influence, and friends in high places....just saying
  12. Call Paulding county Environmental health department they will have a drawing of you installations dn any repairs done so you can make an informed decision and they may be able to give you some advice on this. Generally you never want to cover you tank if at all possible not sure how much weight bearing can go over lines before they could be damaged just ask them to fax or you can pick up drawing and information from them....Good Luck!!
  13. I finally had to tell boss at paper no go I rolled my truck in the last ice storm and she still expected me to get on the roads gotta love AJC is everyones paper that important and yes I will have complaints when I get to work because they did not get their paper...but I still have my new to me van safe and all of my limbs although still stiff from last go around safe as well...Hoping tonight will be fine we are always watching for icy patches normally so expect at least to have to be watchful and slow going....so if you did not get your papers be patient I do not look forward to Hulsey Town road and also think us having to pull over will only create confusion to drivers trying to keep even and slow pace JMHO
  14. I appreciate the officers who are doing their job and doing it well with honesty and dignity...that being said I am also aquainted with an officer I know of first hand who is none of these things and could very well see how others could possible have problems placing their care and safety in this individuals hands...so I understand both sides of coin...I appreciate the good and would like to see the bad dealt with...and no have never been arrested nor given a ticket by this officer so no legal grudge just an ethical issue and he is not a well liked officer either so the officers themselves have an opinion...just saying
  15. I also have a best friend who is now in Heaven...she died Just a couple months ago and we were best friends for 18 years...she really was very special and understood me well as I did her...Always were each others confidante' and I sometimes feel as if she still is watching over me and her husband and son...she was just that kind of person to everyone. There are things even now I will probably never tell anyone or talk about to anyone because she was the only one who would have gotten it LOL. God has blessed me with a wonderful new husband and he is now my best friend and LOL seems to love my quirks as well. Treasure your friendships they don't come around often for some of us. Rest in peace my Friend!!!! I agree Dana Friendships are precious and many people really never know the power of a friend for all time.
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