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  1. Carroll County learned from Pauilding's mistake by not ripping the heart out of its downtown. The new Courthouse in Carroll (at a cost of around $35M vs. $90M here) is beautifully attached to its historic Courthouse and maintains the sanctity of the downtown area. While it's not just about keeping the courthouse downtown, that is a critical factor in keeping it as a thriving city IMO.
  2. FINAL RECOUNT Valbuena 2,980 Collins 2,972 Valbuena wins by 8 votes.
  3. Still waiting on a several uploadings. Absentee ballots are done (454 total) and provisional ballots are done, and the gross numbers did not change from tuesday night. Still don't know percentages. I would guess it will take another 15 minutes.
  4. I am at election board right now following recount in paulding election board. Final results will be reported in about 20 minutes. The finall certified results according to deidre Holden were 2,980 for Valbuena and 2,973 for Collins, which was posted around 12:25 pm today. There were 3 accepted provisional ballots (2 went to Collins and 1 to Valbuena) which made the difference of only 7 votes between them. Both Valbuena and Collins are here along with election board and county attorney. I will report final tally as soon as the recount is done.
  5. Children should be exposed to different cultures and taught foreign language at a young age. As a country, we have encouraged free market capitalism in a global economy. Our ability to succeed in that economy is dependent upon our ability to understand and communicate with others, whether they speak English or another language, whether it is Spanish, Chinese or French. We cannot assume that the rest of the world just needs to learn English. Since the largest minority in America is Latino, it certainly makes sense that Spanish be one of or the primary secondary language our children learn.
  6. If the Courthouse is your regular precinct location, though, it will be open.
  7. And when I didn't think the Heath campaign could get any more desperate, the same "incumbent protection program" created with heath's assistance that sent 6 mailers earlier in the race just sent another one. According to the candidate disclosures, the senate PAC which funded the program (and has now paid for 7 mailers in this race) also donated $2500 to Heath as well. But Mr. Heath proclaimed at the debate that we don't even need ethics laws for honest politicians like him.
  8. JK had a lot to say about this race. Below is a condensed version of his Facebook Statement on August 15, 2012 (my emphasis supplied): “Some people have asked me how I feel about the State Senate District 31 race. I have known Senator Heath for several years... I met with Senator Heath briefly on Saturday and met with Bill Carruth yesterday. I have friends on both sides of this race, so, I felt like the best thing for me to do is just put the facts out there, help inform the people and let them make their best decision on who to choose. That is until tonight. When I came home I received
  9. The song "Our House" by Madness was embarrassing. It sounded like a bad middle-aged karaoke singer who had one too many.
  10. Not to point out the obvious, but WTH is not an "acronym". ***Edited to add that noahsdad is a good guy. I have known him for around 10 years and we often agree. Not on this one though...didn't know he was a heathen and am surprised.
  11. Don't get me wrong. I like Jeff. So if Carruth had experience running the county and serving as the chairman of the Georgia department of natural resources, I guess that does not provide enough experience to be a state senator? That's ridiculous Jeremy and you know it. Carruth is far more qualified to be state senator than Heath ever was before he took office. And what did we get with heath's "experience"? I like to call it the "What The Hell?" or WTH agenda of bill heath. W: is the Water issue. Heath lost the reservoir in Haralson and did nothing for paulding's reservoir except
  12. And I guess you supported Sam Clark for coroner too because the other candidate would have been a newbie. Darn, that Kool-aid must be spiked.
  13. With that kind of reasoning, I guess you are supporting Obama for president since he has experience and Romney has never been president.
  14. No, Rep. Braddock was not there. No one from the Legislature was there, but there were a lot of Haralson County car tags there.
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