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  1. I was wondering which ones happytobeme got off of Amazon since she has lost weight with them.
  2. Happytobeme which ones off of Amazon did you buy. Are you only taking the pills or have you changed your diet too?
  3. Hehehe, I have been giving out the evil eye for years. How it is my turn to get it. I was more wondering how it worked, like can you only reserve one ride at a time? Was it worth the money for those who have done it ? Which one did everyone get?
  4. I know there are three different ones. The regular, gold and platium. But I just don't know how they work.
  5. Prayers for the families. Can't make my kids (who can swim) understand that this is why we have to keep up our lifesaver safety fence around our pool. So Sad......
  6. Yep, cancelled one of my orders. I had paid partly with best buy reward money. Now I have lost that!!! Could not get customer service on the phone!!
  7. I heard it all on the scanner. They started early in the morning on Bakers Bridge and were caught about 2:30 in the afternoon. 3 white males in a white HHR. They reeked havoc all day shooting up stuff.
  8. I am not so worried about the hot flashes as much as I am the anxiety issues. Some days I think I am really going
  9. I don't take any other meds. So I think I am good on that. I actually hate taking any meds. but I feel so bad that I am willing to try to swallow these pills. Yuck! What does the vitamin E and primrose oil, help with?
  10. Yes, that is sorta how I am feeling. Yesterday, the bottom of my feet and palms of my hands got really hot and then I started feeling anxious. I also feel like blood is pulsing really hard in my head.
  11. I bought the 300 mg Sundown Naturals from Kroger (BOGO). It says to take 2 tablets three times a day. Should I take that much to start with? Most of my issues are anxiety related. I even think I have had a panic attack lately. But I know I am going through menopause too.
  12. I am having some anxiety / menopausal issues. Doctors tried me on a couple of different meds. They both made me real sick. I am thinking of trying St. Johns Wart.
  13. Nevermind..................Its workin
  14. I hear nothing from the scanner .......................
  15. Wheww, got it working. Thank you, Steven for the offer!!! I will call you if it keeps messing up.
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