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  1. My step-son's was out of state. Maybe it was law to have the casket for cremation there? I didnt think of that. We were able to bring his ashes home with us. The airport security was very respectful, but did have to wipe it with some pad to make sure there was nothing coming out of it.
  2. Rhonda and Mark: Yes, they told us we had to purchase one for the cremation. It caught me off guard, but we were all like walking zombies. We did do a viewing first, then had him cremated...only because he was so young, and his Mom wanted everyone to be able to see him. But, before we decided on the viewing, we were already told we needed to get some sort of casket for the cremation. That was my first experience, ever, having to do that. All in all, it was about $7K, after the courtesy discount. I will say, they handled it very well. The man that was in charge, was actually
  3. Ha! I'm lucky to even get a "Merry Christmas"! (And there are only 3 employees in the office)
  4. So, if the driver picked the children up at houses, does that mean she was early? I'm only asking because I sent mine to their bus stops on time, and she wouldnt have made it to our house by then. Do you just keep them in the house, hoping when she does arrive, that she will stop? Just curious. I will say one thing though, our bus driver is so punctual, that I only have to send him out 3 or 4 minutes before she arrives. I still cant figure out how you can run a whole bus route, and still be on time! Thanks!
  5. We had to purchase a casket to have my step son cremated in.
  6. Good grief. Someone must have gotten their holidays confused.
  7. I will take one of each when/if you have them. Just let me know (probably a PM would be best, so I dont miss it)! Thank you!
  8. Anything Joes is the best! Last weekend my son was shopping for a DS with his birthday money. After big let-downs at WalMart, and Gamestop, I took him to Anything Joes. He left there incredibly happy with his DS and game. Actually, so happy, that he forgot his charger on the counter. Luckliy, they had it in a bag waiting for us to return for it. I'm not so sure that would have happened at GameStop! We also got a Wii there yesterday! Its for me the kids for Christmas!
  9. I think we should all head home NOW just to be sure! I actually wouldnt mind a little snow..on the weekend. I need some Christmas spirit, and that may help. To heck with the milk and bread. Bring on the hot cocoa, beef stew or roasts!
  10. I totally understand your tough viewpoint on this, but with 2 kids of my own, I would also have to think about reality. I would never forgive myself, if one of my children were taken from me in retaliation for "taking" their child. People do crazy things, and I would not put my own children in danger after 7-9 hours. I would at least wait until the next day to be sure that it wasnt a misunderstanding. "A couple hours" to some people may not mean 2. We are talking about parents that are not too bright to begin with.
  11. "I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round........" I too, would have liked to see what kind of music he would have made.
  12. Maybe I watch too many crime shows, but I would worry if they showed up at 7pm, and had to tell them that DFACS has their child. I'd be scared.
  13. She already called the SO. You dont call DFCS to file a missing person report, you call them to come remove the child.
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