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    If you are on a phone, it only lets you do it a few times. But on the computer you can vote unlimited!
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    Please vote for PCHS to be Team of the week on Fox 5. Paulding County can always use some positive news coverage and what a moral boost it is for any school to get that privilege!! Here is the link, look on the right hand side of the page! And you can vote as many times as you can, right now we are in 2nd but not by much.....come on Paulding County!! http://www.high5sports.com/category/241132/team-of-the-week
  3. No it was at a home on Macland Rd. Very sad....I don't know anything about the situation but doesn't sound like a happy ending.
  4. Didn't know that about Micheal J Fox! Interesting ....I will definitely tell her to get with the, Lyme disease group. I never realized there was a group for that. Thank you for your awareness of this horrible sickness.
  5. Wow...I have a friend whose mom has been suffering for 18 months with something that has got worse and worse. They've tested for MS, Parkinson's, and several other things.....and they can't get any real answers. Just this week someone suggested it could be Lyme. After reading up on the symptoms my friend is CONVINCED that is what her mom has. Now they have to find a Dr. that will listen to them and do the testing.
  6. I hope not...because that would leave a lot of empty store space in Hiram.
  7. I agree staying in the park has it's perks. We stayed at All Star Music and enjoyed it. Whatever you do I'm sure you'll have a great time. What time of year are you going? I was there between Christmas and New Years. It was super crowded but we still had an awesome time.
  8. sweet tea


    It's pretty thick in Dallas too....I've been wondering the same thing about the smoke.
  9. I just saw her Friday or Saturday at Macland and Bobo. Prayers for her family.
  10. I LOVE mine!! My husband got it for me last year for Christmas. My girls love watching Netflix and we've never had a problem with streaming music or movies.
  11. A kindle fire would be my choice.You don't have to be a reader to have one. I have tons of games on my kindle that my kids love to play.They can also watch Netflix on it!! The kindle fire is very useful for other things besides reading.
  12. Does anyone know if Dallas FBC and FUMC is doing a Trunk Or Treat on Wednesday night?? If so, what time??
  13. http://schools.bettergeorgia.com/ Just say "NO"
  14. http://www.thomastontimes.com/view/full_story/20621192/article-Don%E2%80%99t-be-fooled-by-Amendment-1 http://savannahnow.com/column/2012-10-23/johnson-former-mayor-no-amendment-one#.UIvtv4blpnA
  15. By voting YES you are not necessarily giving people more choices. (That's what they want you to BELIEVE) In some cases you are giving yourself a worse education by taking money away from what you have now. I believe we are hurting ourselves in the long run by going YES! But hey we live in America where you can vote how you want.........for now!
  16. Bottom line is they will be using money that is used for public education NOW and "give " it to the charter schools. Public schools have already been cut ENOUGH. Also many of these charter schools have application processes you have to go through in order to attend. And they don't put up with behavior problems.Parents are also required to volunteer so many hours. That's really a good idea but not feasible for everyone. Therefore you end up many times with a hand picked school!! And then you are going to use tax payers $$ to fund such a place!!! No wonder many charter schools have good test sco
  17. http://www.amazon.com/Euroflex-EZ2-Disinfecting-UPGRADED-Microfiber/dp/B004SJU6FI/ref=sr_1_3?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1350611260&sr=1-3&keywords=euro+monster+steamer Here is the link to the "Monster" that I have!!
  18. The best one Ive found is called the Euro Monster steam mop! If you look on Amazon you can find it. It is the most awesome thing! The water gets MUCH hotter than the Shark. I did a lot of research before I bought one and the Euro is what had the best reviews. If REALLY does like it says it will!!!
  19. I love my FIRE!! I've had it about a year. Yes the i-pads have a few more perks but for less than the half the price of an i-pad you can't go wrong with the kindle fire!
  20. Last year I had a yard sale, got up early and put my sign out in front of my neighborhood entrance. Later on my husband went to the store and came back and said my sign was GONE!!! I was so mad that someone actually had the time to take down a sign.......of all the IMPORTANT issues that should be taken care of, they choose taking down signs. I guess it's easier to focus on signs than chasing down drug dealers!
  21. I am SO sorry your friend has to deal with panic /anxiety. I dealt with it for several years before getting on zoloft. I could handle driving in my "routine " or safe zone. But if for any reason I had to drive out of my that I could not handle it. Then I had to deal with the FEAR of having a panic attack. It soon moved from driving to being by myself. There isn't enough time for me to describe what that was like and all the quirky things I did. It was like my life was paralysised from FEAR! There were so many times I just KNEW I was about to die. Yes I ended up n the ER. They did this test an
  22. I'm kind of near the post office .
  23. Any body else without power along Merchants Dr.????? It's been out about 10 minutes.
  24. We have been going to Edisto Island for 8 years now. Like someone else said, it is very laid back. We always go through www.edistorealty.com. There are some cheaper places inside the Ocean Ridge resort/golf community. Let me know if you have any questions or if you need some guidance. Its about 45 min.-an hour to Charleston. I'll be glad to offer my help if you like!
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