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  1. Where are (if there are any) the sporting goods stores in the Hiram and/or Dallas area that have the lettermen jackets, jerseys, etc... for the local high schools? I have 3 granddaughters that are high school seniors this year in another county, but I would like to get them a senior jersey, like we did in high school (back in the 70's) (assuming they still do that). TIA
  2. Thank you so much for the info, littlecountry girl, I didn't know there was such a website... now I've tagged it as one of my favorites!!!
  3. Was wondering if anyone was aware of any upcoming cat snips and/or low cost spaying events coming up??? In process of giving new kitty forever home and already checking out my options for getting her fixed... Don't want any little babies running around in my home... that factory closed a long time ago!!! Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. TIA!!!
  4. Hard Candy Christmas Really no least "favorites"
  5. I've seen pics taken at Pickett's Mill, that had a good background...
  6. I'm trying to look into getting a lift that attaches to the back of your vehicle for a electirc scooter (you know, like the rascal or hover round)... Figure there should be a business like that locally, but just can't seem to find them... Any and all suggestions are welcomed! TIA
  7. Me too! Wishful thinking I guess!!!
  8. Well, I don't know about everybody else... but, technology is just passing me by... Other than being able to operate a desktop and laptop, I'm not getting a clear picture about these other electronic gadgets... Thinking I would like to get a Kindle Fire, but then I'm not really sure if that is what I want and/or need... Any ideas, suggestions and/or explanations would be greatly appreciated! TIA
  9. Nope, didn't know anything was going on and I live there!!!
  10. I saw him at the entrance to the Hiram Walmart one weekend. This has been a while back. You'd think he'd have "rent" money by now. I'm so jaded. Dont' know about the rest of you... but my rent comes around real regular... like once a month... So I can see where he would have to keep selling his "cotton candy"
  11. Anybody see Modern Family last nite... thought it was so weird that last nite's episode dealt with this "syncing" topic... It was funny, but so true... Those ASPCA commercials really tear me up regardless of the "time" of the month!
  12. Just wondering what type of experiences people have had with having cosmetic dental work done, such as teeth whitening, veneers, Lumineers. Dentist recommendation or dentist warnings!!! I have done the teeth whitening with the fitted dental trays from the dentist, but think I would like to have the Lumineers done, but have never heard any pros or cons about that procedure... TIA for all input and remarks, responses.
  13. phiggins


    I currently don't know anyone who uses this software and was just wondering if anyone has or is using Skype software... what opinions, experience, good, bad or indifferent have they experienced? All comments welcomed. TIA
  14. Gearing up for summer, got me to thinking... what are some of the all time best summertime songs? Let's see what they are!
  15. Latest update on viewing videotaped DVD's on computer... All DVD's have/were finalized and I am able to view them on my regular DVD player and another computer in the bedroom. Don't know why I can't view them on this computer... but oh well, I guess the main thing is that I can view them on the big screen using my regular DVD player in the living room. Thanks for all the advice and tips... It is greatly appreciated!
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