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  1. I just found time to check the place out. Yes, that is a HUGE savings for us, would cut our lodging price in half. Thanks!
  2. Thank you all We will be going to Downtown Disney! Thanks for pointing that out.
  3. Planning our first Disney trip for kids 7 and 10. What's the best park to visit? Best places to stay and eat? Are the package deals worth it? Where I may find discounts?
  4. He had some test done at school too. I was told he was past a kindergarten level but not on a 1st grade level where he should be, according to "their standards". So, I have a huge decision to make on rather he repeats 1st grade. I pray I make the right one for him.
  5. With him not having ADD/ADHD I also wonder if it will help him. He has his yearly check up tomorrow I will mention this to the Dr. and see what he says. Thank you for the info. I will look into the school.
  6. My husband says the same thing and I agree. It just breaks my heart watching him struggle academically, and as a mother I wanna help him. His teacher calls me every week wanting my answer on holding him back. It's just really frustrating. Also, its funny you mention tying shoes.He ties his in a way I've never seen, but hey, it gets the job done.
  7. I could not get that link to work.
  8. Thanks for those links.
  9. He goes to Roberts Elementry Thanks for that info. he doesn't have any health issues, but I wil still consult the doctor before starting fish oil. Thx
  10. His teachers response to me telling her what the Dr. said was " I don't care what they say,he has ADD! It going untreated is a reason he will need to repeat 1st grade". Needless to say, I did not take that comment very well. Before his Dr. confirmed he is not ADD/ADHD. I searched for ways to treat it without medication and fish oil is what everyone was suggesting.
  11. My son is 7 years old and is in 1st grade. His teacher and other staff at his school seem to think he has ADD/ADHD. Even though his Dr. ruled it out and seems to think its a maturity issue. He is struggling with staying focused in class, all classwork is sent home for me to complete along with homework. He is calm at school and the complete opposite at home. So, my questions are have any of you given your child fish oil vitamins? Did you see a difference in your child? TIA.
  12. I've been searching for a NES and super NES for my son.
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