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  1. Looks like Dave's is no more. Got a new sign up V.C.M. Chicago Spot and it said something about central american food on the sign. Anybody know anything about it?
  2. So in a nutshell who is the least corrupt running for mayor? I say that because I really don't trust any politician. I just don't know anything about the candidates and I'm looking to find a reasonable opinion here.
  3. Easy way to test it, take a hit. Wait and see if the officer gets the munchies and and wants to watch the cartoon network. lol
  4. Well ok so anybody wondering what they got you can google "HBF BBQ - Hawg's Best Friend"and those are the folks. Didn't know about no FB links, sorry.
  5. Saw this yesterday. Anybody know anything about Frannick's Cafe? Wait I answered my question and found this.(slaps forehead)
  6. Not bad. Like the white better than the old tan background. Guess this site just needed the cobwebs cleaned out. :)
  7. I said the same thing as I saw it going in the first time. Nothing will survive there without a drive thru. Nobody really has time to sit down and eat diner style in this very blue collar area. I really wish it would become a mom and pop donut shop or any kind of bakery. I think that might do but another breakfast joint now probably wont make it.
  8. Anybody know what is going on with the closed Dallas Biscuit place across from the new BK? Seen a lot of people going in and out of it and the lights are on, wondering if they are just cleaning it up or is something about to move in.
  9. Merchants Drive, across from the now closed Dallas Biscuits place. just down from the McD's at Macland.
  10. Price wise these kinda places can't beat QT or Racetrack but it is still nice to see new things in Paulding. Maybe they can win on quality but I wont ever pay Starbucks type prices for coffee.
  11. Pretty nice inside. The employees are still stumbling around a bit but they were pleasant and got the orders right. My only gripe was the soda machine isn't like all the new ones you see that let you make any flavor combo, but oh well not a deal breaker.
  12. Looks like they are just about done. I'd guess BK will be open by July 1.
  13. Now we just need a outdoor public gun range. That way my neighbors can go somewhere just before hunting season and my neighborhood doesn't sound like we are being overrun by the Vietcong.
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