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  1. Its been a while. Just wanted to say hey .....
  2. seen "pops" the last time I was at the Deer Processor a few weeks ago. Patrick never said anything either
  3. they sell the senior jerseys at the schools
  4. he would never let me take my own groceries out. He will be missed by many. RIP
  5. the house Mrs. G is speakibng of is 1100 a month for just the house. They rent the pastures out as well. You have to be approved for the house.
  6. hey yall my daughter is selling raffle tickets to benefit Grace Christian Academy Athletics mainly cheer. The tickets are 10.00 each but if you buy 5 or more they are 5.00 each. The drawing will be held on the first home football game. The prize is a YETI Tundra 45. Please support local schools and the dreams of these girls to cheer. This money goes to new uniforms as well as awards.......
  7. It is very scary. I am glad the kiddos are ok. I've heard those rabies shots hurt like hell
  8. You can upgrade free on existing windows computers and tablets
  9. 2 children in Paulding county were attached by a rabid fox. It happened on holly hills farm path
  10. NC I hate to hear this. yall are in my thoughts and prayers
  11. Hey NC-17. It sure is good to hear from ya.
  12. Sunblock Window Tinting on 92. Stanley is very good
  13. my daughter who is in 4th grade told me about this little guy and was devastated. He was one of her friends. It was a terrible thing. His family is still in my thoughts and prayers always. I will be voting for Mrs. Ames
  14. they are the ones who messed up the prom dress
  15. I am looking to have my daughters bridesmaid dress altered but im kinda leery now due to having a prom dress altered and it wasn't what it was suppose to be. who would you recommend
  16. Try Village Realty. Narda is a SUPER NICE LADY.
  17. I myself just dealt with this. Mind you my daughter is in 4th grade with ADHD and cant even add multiple numbers much less multiply or divide. She has actually started shutting down and putting her head down because of the frustration. She has an IEP and they changed her teachers so she could get the help she needs but Ive seen on her report card and her progress report the changes for the worse.
  18. math is so different than it used to be for sure. they way its taught I cant even figure out how they want it done these days
  19. my baby is in 4th grade and cant even add or subtract multiple digits much less multiply and divide
  20. I am moving out of a rental. They want 800 for a 3 bf 1 1/2 bath. We redid the bathroom and it has an enclosed garage
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