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  1. This coming from the liberal mindset. He is a far better leader than a choice that wants to give every unwilling able bodied person a free ride just because they are unwilling to help themselves.
  2. He could introduce a cure for cancer and be questioned and berated. All I hear is blah, blah, blah.
  3. Nope, there are cotton candy and caramel apples at the fair. Rude inconsiderate folks there too.
  4. The store personnel should grab the next person in line who hasn't started loading their groceries onto the belt and bring them to the newly opened line. That is the only way the proper person will be chosen. Respect, manners, courtesy have gone far away in our world, our world now is a "ME" world. I was in line just the other day and a new register opened and the clerk said "I can take the next person in line". Well a rude parent that was not the next person in line shoved her small children who were all paying separately over to the newly opened line instead of letting the older lady in
  5. Mothers Finest performed weekend before last at the amphitheater in Villa Rica. Was a great show and free.
  6. What is there to stop? It is here, built and costing me, you, and every other taxpayer in this county money to sue each other. We have to let this thing support itself at some point somehow. What is your suggestion? Tear it down so we can pay for that too? I fly all over the country to tiny airports that get one or two flight in and out per day. It has not ruined their towns, in fact it has helped one in particular become a vacation destination which brings dollars to the local economy. All of you anti commercial folks think this will turn into another Hartsfield Jackson overnight. Isn't going
  7. I care if the county keeps raising my taxes so I can pay even more to continue to live here. I am damn tired of paying for this battle.
  8. I won't vote for another person that drags court battles out and wastes our tax dollars. This county needs a lot of things that this money could be better spent towards. I am a life long resident of Paulding and did not support building the dang thing in the first place. Doesn't matter though as it is here and we dang well need to let it support itself at this point as myself and a lot of folks I know are tired of our tax dollars supporting the court battle. We need to come to a happy medium at some point. Make the dang thing a general aviation airport by day and a drag strip by night. The dra
  9. Sad to hear. He was our service when I was a little kid and through most of my life till my mom sold the house we had lived in for 23 years. I saw Mr. Hurst a few years ago and he didn't look good then. Rest in peace Mr. Hurst.
  10. They don't have a drive through which hurts them enough. The other thing hurting them is they don't open early enough. Folks are leaving Paulding around 5 or 6 and they don't open till 6:30. They don't open on Sunday till 1pm. I like their stuff and hate to see them go but you have to be open when the customers want your product.
  11. I know this. It sure stays packed. Looks like that corner was in need of a drive through. The once I have been it was as good as any other DQ i have been to.
  12. They were open today. Drive through wrapped around the building and then some and not a parking space to be had.
  13. More than that last community organizer would have done.
  14. If that were the case we wouldn't need something like this.
  15. In my opinion you are spot on. You are correct, the Pats are a great team but Atlanta blew this one all on their own with both lousy choices late in the game in field goal range. Could have run better than a minute of clock off in both instances and possibly tacked on 6 points to boot. As it has been many times in the past in all professional Atlanta sports teams, it is hard being an Atlanta sports fan. With the exception of one World Series it is the same movie we have seen before, great games with not so great endings.
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