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  1. When will the school year end? Will people be happy if it goes past Memorial Day? Growing up, we didn't go back until after Labor Day, but the year didn't end until the mid June.
  2. After working in North Carolina for the last 3 years, I'm happy to say I'm back and will have my WoodCrafts at Paulding Meadows this weekend. Come by and say Hi! BTW - you can find Mark's WoodCrafts on row 3.
  3. It depends on where the thermometer is. If it's near the parking lot in direct sun, it will always read high until they move it to a more appropriate spot. The sign at the Greystone office had this problem for years and nobody seemed to care to fix it.
  4. I believe I would rather see a person who's at least trying to work a job get food stamps than someone who is capable of working but refuses.
  5. Question - What if someone's former p.com name was their full name?
  6. I think it would be better phrased "In general, smart people RAISE smart kids, and stupid people RAISE stupid kids."
  7. Some are now saying that Obama's rules apply to things like school trips. Imagine the 8th grade trip to DC where a boy decides he identifies as a girl so 'she' can stay in a girl's hotel room. Is anyone allowed to even question the person's claim of how 'she' identifies? Liberals will take 'his' claim of being a lesbian in a boy's body as absolute truth,
  8. When did they put stalls with doors in the locker rooms? Everyone seems to quit reading at the word bathroom. Under Obama's rules, any boy who claims to feel like he's a girl can use the girl's locker room and shower and nobody is supposed to question it. Who here thinks it's OK for their Freshman Daughter or Grand Daughter to have to shower with a teenaged male - even one who says he feels like he should be a girl?
  9. The interesting thing is the person who was the spokesperson championing the law allowing anyone to use the restroom for the gender they 'identify' with is a convicted sex offender.
  10. There are a number of you-tube videos where various people are interviewing the author - Andy Weir. They are well worth watching to see how the book came to be, and the amount of research he put into it.
  11. We defiantly DON'T want those employees working extra hours and bringing home a bigger paycheck over the holidays!
  12. Every time there's a mass shooting, certain people want to talk about taking guns from law abiding citizens and turning the entire country into Chicago. Who wins with that scenario?
  13. 18 months ago I had a sleep study and was diagnosed with severe Sleep Apnea - I stopped breathing 99 times an hour. I've been using a Cpap machine ever since. Using the machine, I average less than 1 incident per hour.
  14. Actually, the virgins will probably be all male.
  15. This has happened in at least 2 other stores in the Metro Atlanta area, so I doubt they have inside help. Those cases are built to keep the average person out, not someone who's decided to break into them. With a little care, it can probably be done with minimal noise.
  16. Word is the night manager required the electronics person to work other departments under the belief that you can't just have someone standing around watching the inventory. The other rumor I heard is the perps moved the case to the back of the shoe dept so they could work undisturbed,
  17. Under those rules, most political topics should be off limits. Look at this one as an example. Nobody's mind has been changed and missiles launched all over the place.
  18. So far I understand the deal is that Iran can continue developing nukes, the sanctions will be lifted and Israel will be eliminated.
  19. I read that three times and all I got was liberal spin. Basically I think you're saying if refusing a customer is based on Christian beliefs, it's wrong. If it's based on any other beliefs, it's OK.
  20. Did y'all see the video of the guy going into different bakerys run by Muslims asking them to make a gay wedding cake. Every one refused. Where's the liberal media outcry over that?
  21. Only a liberal will celebrate deals with nations that execute a person for being gay and at the same time complain about a state where someone can refuse to bake them a cake.
  22. They are magnetic media and plastic. Both can deteriorate over time, especially if they weren't high end diskettes. They can also be affected by magnetic and electrical fields. BTW - I've heard the same can happen with cheap CDRs over time.
  23. If you use the reusable bags, make sure you wash them thoroughly between uses. I've seen studys where they tested the bottom of bags people brought into the stores and found cesspits of germs. Think carrying meat one visit and fruit the next in the same bag.
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