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  1. He has been found and is back home. Thank you to the conrned person that tipped us off.
  2. Max Doegg He does have an iphone 4 but it was taken away today and he was grounded and then he snuck away.
  3. He left about 5:00/5:30 today. He snuck away after being grounded.
  4. My 15 year old ran away today. Police have been contacted. He is believed to be in the Nebo area of New GA and was last seen runnning into Collin's Run Woods. Please call 678-371-8749 or 678 371-8017 if you have any information. Kelly Shackelford He has been found now thanks everyone
  5. Book your Feb. party and get FREE Lingerie (or 6 months of Coochy Shave Cream). I only have about 4 dates left "Need a job, pm me for a lunch interview."
  6. I have gotten in tons of Lingerie for Valentine's Day! I carry all sizes up to 3x! Have a party and get your Lingerie and a Couples Toy FREE! I also do private consultations if you cannot do a party but need the hookup! 678-371-8749 partiesbykellys@aol.com Slumber Parties by Kelly Shackelford I am fully stocked again for Valentine's Day so you do not have to wait.
  7. I am trying to win a ubber trip to http://www.lakeaustin.com/ and as a thank you for any Hostesses that help me meet my Jan. goal, I am giving them a Spa Package worth $69! PM or call me for more information! Now is the time of year to have your own romance/lingerie party, -10% of the sales as credit - $69 spa package (or you can pick the naughty package ..hehehehe) -unlimited items at 40% off - free lingerie What are you waiting on?
  8. Honestly I cannot remember if wrapping or not wrapping was even a topic with my first husband when the kids were small, but I worked hard all year and saved back (thank God for layaway) to go overboard on Santa. Santa was not wrapped. My kids ( 23, 19,18 and 15) were talking the other day about how the floor was full of toys with one trail only.,..lol. You had to be careful not to break your neck. I can still remember the shouts of joy as they discovered a new item from Santa. This delight would go on for hours as one child found something new that was overlooked and wanted to share it wit
  9. I need 5 testers for Jan./ Feb. Please pm me for more information. 2 hot p.comm ladies are jumping on board this fun, free and easy incentive. I have 3 sets of free products left!
  10. Book your Valentine's Party and receive a free basket full of love. It will have 5 of our smokin' hot items sure to ignite your bedroom. Valentine's Season is the the season for love! Turn boring into she-bang and bring back the Honeymoon! You are never too old or been married too long to increase intimacy and strengthen your relationship. Call or pm me today for your Jan./Feb. date.
  11. I like the butt. I take a bag of light brown sugar and sprinkle over the ham (I get it pre-cut into slices) then I pour about a half a Dr. Pepper over it. I cook mine in a crock pot until it is fork tender. It is delish if you like the brown sugar taste:>
  12. It is that time of year for sales, sales, and more sales!!!!! Buy 2 Shave Creams and Get 1 Free! Buy 2 Between the Sheets and Get 1 Free! (Pear Blossom, Spring Rain and Lavendar) aka..Boob-sweat-be-gone! Buy 2 Hot Hearts and get 1 Free! (great gifts for your girlfriends, sisters, mothers etc.. helps with achey bones, cramps, or cold hands) 25% off all toys. Please visit my website, but you have to pm me for your order. Sale ends Tuesday Night at 10:00 All orders made by then will be to me by Monday the 19th. thanks kelly
  13. Yes, that is the correct stat that i in every 4 girls is raped/abused before their 18th birthday. Sadly, that has been the stat for a decade now and yet we as a society have done little to combat it. I was looking for a stat in the age range that the original poster had made which was 11. The stat I gave only applies to that age range, overall it is 1 in 4: It is so sad to see so many girls/boys abused:
  14. The number of girls raped is much greater than 1% 7% of girls in grades 5-8 and 12% of girls in grades 9-12 said they had been sexually abused.4 15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12. http://www.rainn.org/get-information/statistics/sexual-assault-victims
  15. YES!!!!!! I will tell you as a working mom, I love to leave cash with my teens to call in dinner!
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