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  1. .........well what did the letter say? You got to tell us now. ; )
  2. I heard it was a bomb threat, but the kids are already back in so it must be clear.
  3. Denny's....really??? Wow, I didn't realize people still ate there. Bojangles will be awesome in Hiram. I love me some spicy chicken biscuits from there. And the wife and kids are addicted to the Boberry biscuits. Can't wait!
  4. I know this is a very serious situation. But like most things the media is making it seem much worse than it actually is. I don't think we are going to be looking at a black ocean or tar all over the beach. I am optimistic that now that they are capturing about 1/2 of the oil that is leaking out that the beaches stand a chance to survive w/o too much damage.
  5. The fam is heading to PCB over July 4th. I know lots of people are cancelling and heading to Hilton Head, Myrtle, Beach, etc. What are you guys doing? I think we plan on taking the risk and keeping our reservations. Hopfully it won't be too bad.
  6. Mexico Lindo in Mableton.
  7. I'm sure they are but in these economic time a little common sense could go a long way. If they can vote to cut the buget like just happened they can cut out 10 days of wated tax payers money too.
  8. I am curious how many teachers jobs could have been saved had we cut out the last 2 weeks of "school"? All that is going on is class picnics, dance parties, movie watching, and 5th yr. graduation at my kid's elementary school. They are not doing ANYTHING work related. Thing of how much money this would save instead of running all the busses, making lunches, and all of the other costs that are going out the window during this waste of 10 school days!
  9. Miller???? I just threw up in my mouth. By the way alcohol content is Coor Light 4.15% to Miller Lie 4.2%
  10. I don't like all the new trendy crap w/ the odd names (Yuingling, Fat Tire, etc). Give me an Ice Cold Coors Light and it's all good!
  11. Hey I-20 Idiots..........the sun come up EVERY day in the SAME place at approx. the SAME time. Put your sunglasses on and lower your sunvisor. And stop slamming on your brakes...........idiots! (there, I feel a little better)
  12. My daughter just got her braces off about 2 weeks ago and we used Dr. McLendon. I won't use anyone else, he and his staff did an awesome job and her teeth look amazing. I paid in full up front and rec'd a nice discount. If you can afford to do that it can save you some money. Good luck.
  13. Yes, but you couldn't take MY car payment money to make sure YOUR son could eat. That is the point. I see what you are saying and that makes common sense, but when dealing w/ the gov't and money common sense doesn't come into play.
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