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  1. was in there this am. It opened late at 10AM. It WAS robbed last night at gunpoint and the robbers got away. No one hurt, but shaken up no doubt!
  2. Most of the good Brown's people left to start The Pool Place in Hiram. Still have a friend who works at Brown's, but would give the Pool Place a call. BTW...go with chlorine. Much better for above ground pool.
  3. Dr. Gingrey is far more knowledgeable about the female reproductive system than any pcom expert. He was NOT defending the comments, but merely pointed out scientific research about the subject. Ill trust him over all the "experts" in pcomland. I do agree that there is no reason to answer the question. Just more left wing ways to stumble the right. Just say no comment and move along Phil!! Focus on the destruction the Fuhrer Barrack is doing to the fatherland! BTW...now when it comes to his waffling on gun control....he is an idiot! ;D
  4. Stephenson will be coming to The Boneyard!! GO RAIDERS!!
  5. I know a few years back East band got to Grayson at about 8ish. It might be a little bit farther, but traffic could be worse, you never know. Hopefully, thanksgiving travel wont be in swing
  6. See if Uniroyal has them. Good tire and made BY Michelin!
  7. Top two teams from each region host the first round. That means East and toona at home, and North and Rome on the road. After the first round the highest seeded team each round is at home and if they are both the same seed then they flip a coin. Records dont mean a thing anymore. Just your seed. East is 1, Toona 2, Rome 3, and NP 4. So if they win East will have at least the next game at home in the second round.
  8. all the same. I have had both and since AGL does the actual gas delivery, you wont see a difference. I have Gas South now and it has been great. Is Greystone getting out of the biz?
  9. Climate change....still cant get over the fact so many people buy man made global change. What a hoot!
  10. Also wounded at Sharpsburg was General John B. Gordon, future Gov. of the great state of Georgia. Shot five times, he finally collapsed from a bullet to the face. Gordon's stand in the sunken road saved Lee's army from destruction and allowed valuable time for General A.P. Hill's division of Jackson's corp to arrive and save the day.
  11. We can only hope...Instead of Thomas Jefferson, he needs to make his profile pic Jimmy Carter....two like minds!
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