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  1. Prayers. I was in a head on collision caused by a speeding driver not long after moving to Paulding County. My car was totaled and my right hand was broken and miss-diagnosed causing even more problems---so I have some idea what they must be going through.
  2. Where is that? I don't know where Legion RD is.
  3. this happened when I WAS a child' Why did they do it?
  4. I've woken crying a few times since my Dad died. I started waking up shaking and afraid after I started wearing a CPAP nasal mask. One night I thought a squirrel was hanging on some lace curtain in the bedroom. It looked real in the dim light but it was only some silk flowers I had attached to them.
  5. Counseling specifically for PTSD or general therapy? How long were you in the situation that caused you to develop PTSD? I think I may have PTSD.
  6. Glad you or your family weren't driving when it happened. Was the driveway very long? Was it concrete?
  7. I was just wondering about a general idea of the ages of the wife and her husband? A troubling situation for sure.
  8. Does anyone know if it's available to watch online at any website for free? (I only saw clips at You Tube.)
  9. For those of you who use local honey for allergies, where do you buy it? Is it available at any local stores? I sometimes put a teaspoon of honey in herbal tea. Does that work for allergies or is it better to take it another way? Please tell about your experiences. Does anyone know how the local bee population is doing? I'm interested in Wholistic health.
  10. Thanks. I've never seen it. Have you ever seen the comedy, The Gazebo starring Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds? It's really funny. I found Murder She Says on You Tube and plan on watching it later: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOFfGTnvGSM
  11. It says it was built in 1982. There is a list of prices. So on 12/19/2008, it sold for $624,371? 09/09/2010 Sold ►view detail $245,000 Public records Public records Recording Date 09/09/2010 Contract Date 09/07/2010 Sale Price $245,000 Price Type Full amount computed from Transfer Tax or Excise Tax. Transaction Type Purchase/Resale Arm's Length Residential Transaction Document Type Warranty Deed 11/30/2009 Sold ►view detail $168,000 Public records Public records Recording Date 11/30/2009 Contract Date 11/23/2009 Sale Price $
  12. I believe (not positive) she has two children: a son---and a daughter that has two young children.
  13. I searched and found this list of 295 Free, Low Cost, or Sliding Scale clinics in Georgia. It lists details, including address, for each one: http://www.needymeds.org/free_clinics.taf?_function=list&state=ga The website is an organization's that has many videos on You Tube that explain resources available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlcTZbwZ97k This video is detailed information about the resources on their website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RDerw2Do5I&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBVX9cdh17h6Amf4Ud3Z-mg
  14. Here is a link to the new patient page: Good Sam Cobb exists for those patients who do not have private health insurance and cannot afford to pay for healthcare in the private sector. Endeavoring to treat the whole patient, Good Sam Cobb provides medical care, dental care, health education, and select social services to all of its patients, adult and pediatric. The Center is staffed by paid employees and services are augmented by volunteers who desire to serve their neighbors in this setting. Patients are seen by appointment only. The cost for services offered at our center are individ
  15. I noticed several recipes online for veggie burgers that use chia seeds that look interesting. I think I will try one and wondered if anyone here had tried any of them? I saw this recipe for Gluten-free, high fiber thin Chia bread that looks good: Ingredients: •1/2 cup chia seeds •1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds* •1/2 cup raw pumpkin seeds •1/2 cup gluten-free rolled oats, ground into a flour •1/4 cup raw buckwheat groats, ground into a flour (or more oat flour) •1 tsp dried oregano •1 tsp sugar •1/2 tsp dried thyme •1/2 tsp fine grain sea salt •1/4 tsp garlic powder •1/4 tsp
  16. I looked at Amazon and they have many brands and style. I noticed People Socks are made in the USA. One style they have is Merino Wool in a White Low Cut which is something I haven't seen before. It says they make socks for men. Why not for women, too? Anyway the styles look basic like they would be suitable for women, too. I noticed there sizes start at men's size 7-11. Does anyone know what that would equal in women's sizes? http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_apparel?_encoding=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=People%20Socks&node=1036592
  17. Here is the description of a group I started if any of you would like to join: Make Christian Friends! The group. ChristiansLocally, is based on the passage from Ecclesiastes that says "Two are better than one ... NIV." along with the fact that social support is recognized universally as a human need . I hope the group will help each member find one or more Christians that will provide them support, kind words, wisdom and the things Christian friends are known for. I especially hope the group with help members find friends that they can meet with locally. Please f
  18. I don't know of one like Paulding.com/. You might find some posts at www.topix.com/.
  19. Until a few years ago I thought socks were socks and there wasn't that much different in kinds and brands. Then I got a pair of WigWam merino wool blend socks and I found that some socks were Ohhhhh sooooo different. The comfort level and the durability were outstanding compared to all other socks I had worn before. Then two or three years ago I bought some socks that also are a merino blend in a short style that have even surpassed the Wigwams in terms of durability. They don't have a name on the socks like some and I'm wondering what brand they might be and would like some more. I think
  20. I've also used flea traps---the type with a light (bought and homemade) inside at night in a dark room.
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