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  1. I just visited with Melissa and Thad. Thad isn't out of the woods yet, he is on a respirator, but his vitals are improving. Melissa, Louise and family are ever so grateful for the continuous thoughts and prayers. Just wanted to give you all an update. And yes, Today is Thad's birthday.
  2. I wonder why those that Do or Don't' live in PC, aren't rushing to buy up homes near the airport? After all, if it is so darn good for us economically, and environmentally, then there should be an increase in residential value. And as we all know, EVERYONE loves to make money on good Real Estate investments. I wonder how many residential developers are preparing to build homes near the airport? There must be a long line of developers just biting at the bit to build in that area. Afterall...Build it and they will come!
  3. FS, I have to ponder this as well...When someone goes to great lengths to cover up an incident, and lie on top of that, then you have to wonder what is it that they are trying to hide? Did you say that you recognized the two men that you took the picture of working on your water line? Did Mike Hemsley look at the picture that you took? Again, it is so hard to understand that something this frightening can happen in our county, and get covered up. It makes me shake my head in disgust.
  4. FS, I have been reading your posts from beginning to end. Although I have been aware of what you and Surepip have gone through, it hurts my heart reading the details regarding your beautiful, sweet daughter, and the illness that she and you endured due to water contamination (which appears to have been contaminated with the purpose to hurt you and your family), based on the details that you have provided. Contaminated water could have killed you all, and this is something that should be taken as serious as "attempted murder, or something along those lines of a serious crime". So to a
  5. Glad you are home. Sorry to hear that you have been down and out. Feel better soon!
  6. I live off of 92 between Macland and hwy 278. No one hurt, but if it had happened earlier, my story could be much different. The storms were nothing compared to what we have had over the past 18 years. Shocked that this storm took our culvert and washed it down along with the top. I wanted to post a couple of pictures, but just tried to post one and it said the file was too large. If anyone has any suggestions on how to post one, let me know. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on what we should do. We have complained many years about the debris that washes down, but nothing has
  7. Was busy making a special dinner for my husband, preparing to celebrate our 26 year anniversary, when we receive a call from our son who had just left the house. The call was to tell me "Mom, this is bad! This is really bad!" His next line is not what I expected at all..."Mom, our driveway has been washed away, and we cannot leave nor can anyone get in." Oh my goodness, not the kind of thing that we expected at all. Our culvert washed away downstream,s sometime shortly after my son and I had driven across it earlier. This is not good. Not good at all! Very stressful. The blessing
  8. We were hit pretty hard yesterday! At least 14 trees down on our property, and still counting. Our neighbors received similar damage - not sure if they lost as many, but the clean up for us all will feel about the same. We are so very fortunate that the trees did not hit our home or our cars. Especially after seeing the picture of this home at the beginning of this blog. I was going to post pictures, but I don't know how to make them small enough in size to post. But believe me, they are very large. And some were snapped like toothpicks. We called the National Weather Service
  9. It's only unreasonable to you, unless there comes a day that you may need something. And the idea of me assisting my mother with the legal documents in hand, are probably "more" legal than some of those going through the process today. So, there were means to make it happen, you were just so concerned about how it might inconvenience someone.
  10. Wow, I bet you are someone that definitely would not lend a hand to anyone, no matter what the circumstances. Hope you never have a day in your life where you wanted to take care of something that means the world to you, and then by accident you get hit by a bus and are in a coma. You never know, you might find yourself waking up on Election Day and really wanting to vote with all of your heart - but oh, that's right - you didn't have the foresight to vote absentee before the bus struck you.
  11. How you all come across regarding "personal responsibility", is completely ridiculous to me. My mother is the MOST responsible person anyone could ever meet. And trust me, she could run circles around many of you. She is a Coal Miners Daughter, who grew up during a time when women had so few rights. She took her Voting right very seriously and always has. She had worked hard to help take care of her 6 brothers and sisters,scrubbed Bank floors every morning before school, and graduated with honors with out griping about how she did it all. She went off to be in the military to serve
  12. I can certainly "respect" your point on this. How this all started, is that the hospital gave me a form (one that is probably outdated). The form states that the person hospitalized can either request that "2 ballot officials" come to the hospital per the person's request, bringing them a ballot...OR, the person may assign a "Family Member" (and it defines "family member"), to act on their behalf and go to pick up the ballot and bring it to the person, allow them to vote, and then return it. As my mother's Power of Attorney, and having all of her identification, I do not see why I w
  13. I love how most of you have the answer to this problem. Wow, but isn't it amazing how the Governor of NJ and NY can accept faxed ballots, ballots by email, etc, due to the "unforeseen" emergency for all of those people. Maybe I missed telling you all that I am her POA, and they will not allow me to take the ballot to her and then return it. But again, they will accept "anything" through the mail, or as mentioned above for the people of NJ or NY. We accommodate American's and Illegal's every single day. AND if everyone is supposed to vote early, or absentee because we provide these
  14. Today my Mother, who is a Veteran, and has been an upstanding U.S citizen for 81 yrs, will NOT get to exercise her right to vote. "Thanks to this great government system" that we have in place. Please read on, as this may affect you one day. I think it is important for everyone in America to know that there is no provision in place for those people that have had unforeseen medical emergencies, and are hospitalized on this day. If they did not vote early, or do absentee voting, then you or your loved one is SOL!!! I guess the government expects everyone to have ESP, and that everyone should
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