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  1. When I was a child (many years ago) my parents called the painters. They told many stories about them being in the woods around the house.
  2. Got my sweater vest out and am going to work an executive of our company
  3. The worst is when you can smell them coming a room away becasue thier cologne is so strong, Men Mostly, but some women too.
  4. I have gone to the haunted hayride and it was a lot fun for the kids
  5. They said the fire started on its own. Heat fire or something like that. The debris was so thick they had to call in bulldozers to dig it up and put out the embers underneath. I just don't understand this going on for 2 weeks. Russom is right there, those kids had to have breathed smoke everytime they went out on the playground.
  6. Found out the pulp wood yard has had a fire smoldering for 2 weeks. So tired of smelling smoke, I think they are doing something about it today.
  7. Craig Cambell will play after the weigh in on Oct 6 at 3pm. fishing for a mission.pdf
  8. Does anyone know what was burning at crossroads this morning. I never saw anything, but the smoke was thick and I saw a fire truck on the road as I was going to work.
  9. Truest thing there is. And the grands are worse.
  10. Anyone know what is happening at 7 hills on cedarcrest?
  11. We live near North Paulding and we are not sure what we are looking for. Info on both I guess.
  12. I have an 8 year old that wants to cheer-lead this year. What is the best team and their website?
  13. I don't mind people parking their shopping carts in the aisle as long they don't park the cart on one side and go to the other side to pick something out. They have the whole isle then.
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