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  1. I do my part!! I stop in almost every afternoon for a little after dinner treat! The key lime pie is very refreshing in this hot weather!
  2. Your home location will have a list of doctors that you can choose from. If that isn't convenient, you can pick from a list that is provided at any of your employer's locations. You must see one of them in order to begin a workers comp claim. If you think you're getting a run around, then is when you use personal doctors and attorneys.
  3. Big business over big government every time! (The OP didn't say that there wouldn't be the other one, just which would you prefer to be big! I have to presume that since there will never be one without the other.) Business is driven by profit, and thus will do it's best to be efficient at providing a product that is wanted by the consumer. There should be LIMITED government oversite to prevent the inevitable greed factor causing the attrocities mentioned. Big government has no need to worry about the "consumer" at all as we have seen in the last few months. It is motivated by power,
  4. Two PCSO cars with sirens going just went flying by heading south past Ridge Rd on hwy 92. Anything going on?
  5. Paulding whenever possible. If I can't find it here, it's ordered online, or if all else fails, a trip is made to Arbor Place.
  6. I voted undecided. For the State and counties, the proposal is a great one. Saving on transportation and utilities would be an obvious benefit. I think middle and high school students would be ok with this, I'm not sure about elementary kids. Extending their day could be tough. Parents would obviously have issues with this due to daycare, again, primarily with the elementary schools. I think it would be a tossup for the teachers. Some will like the extra day off, others will hate the longer day. Specifics would determine my final vote, but since I don't have children
  7. I'm for this legislation. The local school boards obviously don't listen to the teachers or parents.
  8. It's a serial number, no more no less, unless you want to make it into something. Just like the VIN for your car, it's just a 17 character number that uniquely identifies your vehicle. Unless you need to know more information, then you can determine year, make, model, engine size, number of doors, etc. How can it be proselytizing if the code requires something else to interpret it? If you don't have a Bible, it's just letters and numbers. If you have a Bible, then you probably welcome the message.
  9. It sounds to me like there is more to it than she just couldn't find someone to keep a child. This happens all the time and no criminal charges are brought. Unless there is really something else going on, a discharge would be the most I would think appropriate. With any other job, if you can't adhere to policies and regulations, you get fired, not arrested or sent to jail.
  10. That's crazy... It takes forever now to get on and off the plane. Idiots bringing oversized bags, and more than they should get by with. You can't find room to put the one legal carry on that you have. But, they'll close the door to the plane and be "on time" while you actually sit at the gate for another 15-20 minutes for the attendants to move crap around and find space for all the carry ons. It's nuts! I really wish Southwest would come to Atlanta!
  11. Anyone know what's going on? Just had 2 SO and a GSP with lights on fly by heading south. Just a couple of minutes later a fire truck was hauling it that way too.
  12. That is probably the funniest thing I've seen in a while!
  13. While I find the claim that it is hazardous to their employees to be a bit far fetched, I don't disagree with the reasoning. To go to the extreme, if I put radioactive waste in it, would you expect the manufacturer to deal with the radiation, fix only the part that was defective, and return it to me still radioactive? Not only are they putting their employees at risk to fix it, they would be putting a known health risk back into the market by returning it to you. Again, I agree with the reasoning, just not the facts of not being able to safely work on them. I have worked on computers an
  14. "I want a hippopotamous for Christmas" and "I Ain't been nothing but bad" have been my favorites for many years. On the serious side, I think "Silent Night", and all of the Oscar Peterson piano versions.
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