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  1. (mrsdavidj6) Marietta Powder Springs Dunwoody Smyrna Woodstock Dallas Kennesaw
  2. Ok, OK....so should I just set up an account as mrsdavidj6? I have no creativity!
  3. Just took me by surprise, that's all. Then hubby showed me the census "blog". I guess this is "normal" - Personally, I don't like that our tax dollars are being spent on 14 big semi trailer things running around the country having a blog and handing out all types of freebies. I just don't find this type of activity a wise use of funds at this particular time in our history and I wonder just how much this "helps" make people fill out the forms.
  4. LOL......no, I'm just too lazy to have my own account and he never uses his. (mrsdavidj6)
  5. Well, seems as if this is nothing new....Hubby did a little research and found that there are towels, hats, shirts, mouse pads, etc and they're being handed out everywhere. http://blogs.census.gov/roadtour/
  6. Thanks - just thought I'd po'd the powers that be (the mrs)
  7. OK - last night I had one of my posts moved and the other closed and I don't know why so if I'm offensive, please let me know...I don't mean to be. OK....2010 Census vent - today I splurged and had a manicure. As I sat down, I realized the several of the stations had travel mugs with 2010 Census in large letters and then I noticed tote bags also. Some writing, but 2010 Census in very large lettering. So, I asked the girl where they came from. Well, they all live in the same apartment complex (in Gwinnett - although this salon is in Kennesaw) and the census workers came thru talking to
  8. Kewl....I wanted the info for reference tomorrow....again....it's nice to be able to get your frustrations out and here others stories.
  9. Well, the topic disappeared, but thanks everyone for letting me vent and for giving me more info on trying to report fraud again....
  10. we had an issue where my hubby had a colonoscopy and the anesthesia was kicked back. First, they said precert, but, I knew the doctor had called for the precert. Then we found out the real reason was because the doctor chose to hire/use a certified person to monitor the anesthesia to ensure no lawsuits. Our insurance company determined that they would not pay for the person saying that a nurse assistant or the doctor could have monitored. Well, long story short, I called the insurance commissioner. My insurance paid.
  11. I don't mind anyone receiving unemployment benefits. The program has been in place for many years. We all pay into it - I know the argument - the company pays for it - but we all know that cost is passed on to the "consumer" of whatever the company creates. So, I again, I do not mind anyone receiving unemployment. I do have a problem with not accepting a job while receiving unemployment even if it's not the dream job. I was laid off (along with 55 others) November 1992. I applied for unemployment. I also updated my resume and went throughout office parks around my old company asking to s
  12. So do I, but I have friends who ask me why I do it....they like the "feel of new clothes"......I think most stores now tell their employees to accept anything with a receipt - regardless of tags - simply for the factor of people standing and causing problems when something can't be returned. And, for the Kohls employee.....I've found things in the dressing rooms when trying on clothes and report it to the management who always says - yeah, sorry, thanks, happens every day. I tried on a winter coat and found a handful of the things they put earrings on in the pockets where someone had stolen t
  13. The theme from the Pink Panther in Alto Sax (my son plays Alto Sax)
  14. Thanks....I know Mustang drive, just somehow have missed a park....
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