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  1. Count me in, please! Merry Christmas Mt. Airy Cop!!
  2. If you have some "Goody-Powders" sprinkle some of the powder over your hurting tooth and it'll stop hurting! It really works! Hope you feel all better SOON!
  3. A pair of blue jeans THREE SIZES TO BIG from my husband...what a jerk!! When I asked him what was he thinkin' he said......uh well I wasn't......I just grabbed the first pair I saw and bought 'em!!!.....Come to find out later...the SIZE EIGHT jeans were the size that his Step-Mom wore and at that time my husband was shopping for me...HIS DAD was with him and told him an EIGHT SHORT! And at that time, I wore a SIZE FIVE...LONG in length.......lol How stupid is THAT!!! VERY STUPID I say........ Needless to say, I was PISSED off and rightly so.......
  4. Pictures continued from Post #1. Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!!!
  5. Me and my kiddos had a blast! We greatly enjoyed it!! THANKS!!! #2 Post of pictures can be viewed here---> http://paulding.com/forum/index.php?/topic/259487-2-post12-paulding-chgristmas-parade/
  6. peach34


    Oh My Goodness!! How sad!!! Those 4 should be hanged by their ankles and the same done to them! That poor precious baby! Hope he recovers completely!♥ I would come UNGLUED on sum body!!!!!!!
  7. Keeping this family in thought and prayer! (*(*HUGS*)*)
  8. Saying a prayer! (*(*HUGS*)*) God is in complete control..........
  9. Most recent picture of our grandson! Share your most recent picture of your grandbaby......
  10. Wow! LOL!! I must say...YOU GOT ME ON THIS ONE! I was really beginning to as I just couldn't wrap my brain around this one to be TRUE!
  11. I bet it was! Bizness really knows how to suprise someone! She made mine and hubby's gift basket for our 12th year wedding anniversary. It was the 8th of this month. She is a very tallented and sweet lady, that's for sure!
  12. (*(*(*(*HUGS*)*)*)*) Thank you for sharing. ♥
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