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  1. joemturner

    I am sad

    I check in on extremely rare occasions. Those instances become ever rarer as time goes on. This is the first post I've made here in ages. I left pcom because despite being an advertiser and an active contributor for a long time, I was personally and unapologetically directly insulted by G. Patton Hughes, a man of more vocabulary than character in my opinion. My departure was made easier by the unceasing flood of incoherent ramblings by a mentally disturbed "postal carrier." I am still active on a number of sites that have survived the advent of Facebook and other social media. They sur
  2. Randall Zimmerle helped me transform the way I present my business to the marketplace. He designed my logos, business cards, banners, and other pieces for me over the past few years. We were wrapping up a completely redesigned web site and planned to launch it this month; hopefully you'll still get to see the results of that at some point. He had it "going on" and I referred other clients to him often. Outside our business relationship, we had a close friendship. Randall and I were kindred spirits on most matters of faith, culture, and public policy. He definitely had the upper hand o
  3. My family loves this pool - and I think the season passes are a great deal.
  4. I know several, but I have personally used Dr. George Tomes. He is an active member of Pcom and gives back to the community. He is an expert practitioner of chiropractic as well as a nutrition expert. He has a soft touch, not a rackin-frackin-crackin kind of adjustment. No matter what else you do or who else you consider, make sure you check in with Dr. George before making your final decision. You won't regret it.
  5. I've never shared anything on FB that I couldn't instantly delete from my news feed if I wanted to. That 'remove' button is there so you can fix mistakes or get rid of other stuff on your news feed, and that keeps it from being on your friends' pages.
  6. Following onto the previous discussion, I thought this might interest several here: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/c4362372-6515-11df-b648-00144feab49a.html Excerpt: Facebook to launch privacy overhaul By David Gelles in San Francisco Published: May 21 2010 23:02 | Last updated: May 21 2010 23:02 Facebook will unveil sweeping changes to its privacy settings as early as next week in response to a wave of complaints from advocacy groups and regulators, according to people briefed on the plans. The world’s largest social networking site is facing regulatory scrutiny in the US and
  7. Really, on pcom you can't say "Google" in a thread title? That. Is. Ridiculous.
  8. Sigh. I agree - be cautious. Nobody said her advice was unwise, nor that it should be taken with a "grain of salt." Never mind.
  9. I haven't got a doubt in the world about Laurie's intent. I'm also not blind to stuff that I've seen happen here outside of her involvement. As for viruses - I don't add apps or games or click on suspicious stuff on the web, in email, or on FB. Minimal risk. As for privacy, I have the same level of trust in FB as I do in Pat Hughes... which is to say, open, participating, but cautious. I will say that I prefer places where you have to use your real name. LinkedIn is especially good in that regard. That is all.
  10. I know pcom has a facebook page - I've connected with y'all there! I think the conflict of interest question lies partly in wondering whether, if this discussion were taking a different slant than it is (ie, negative toward FB), would it suddenly be hidden, moved, or deleted. It wouldn't be the first time.
  11. If this thread were about how good Facebook is compared to Pcom, would it be allowed to stay?
  12. Stupid? I have sold profitable work and paid real bills by connecting with as many people as possible in as many places as possible. That includes the thousands of people I've connected with on FB. If it's stupid, I'll take another helping because I'd love to pay some more bills. I have excellent anti-virus, anti-spam protection, and most of us have more personal information available in a records search than FB has ever requested. When it comes to FB and the lack of privacy concerns, I'm cautious, but not isolationist. I'd like to see them make some changes, yes. I don't do "ga
  13. Bummer. A change of plans for tomorrow morning means that I will be unable to join y'all. Hope to catch the next one, and that it comes sooner rather than later.
  14. I'm not sure what part of my post you think you disagree with, as nothing you said is counter to what I said. I said it wasn't always the case either way. Cheers.
  15. Just want to point out that a lot of folks who think they have 30 years of experience have about a year of experience, repeated 30 times. They have developed one skillset but have failed to recognize that one skillset is not enough anymore. I have known many wonderful people who did not keep growing. They deepened a skillset until they were truly experts... and when the use of that skillset became less necessary due to business changes, they blamed the business for hiring people with the needed skills - often younger - and blamed it on lack of respect for the older worker instead of seeing
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