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  1. They have mismanaged taxpayers money and should have used the money for spec buildings, grading for pad ready sites..
  2. I have unfortunately learned to NEVER underestimate the stupidity of the American public.
  3. and Boyd kept saying that the IBA needed more funding. I guess they will pushing mils on the taxpayers for the IBA. 2 more mils heading our way---- but, if you property values are going down, its not really an increase... lol, they think we are stupid.
  4. lol, I'm an NIMBY and have never claimed to be sane so I guess I am precluded from posting in this thread other than to say---- NO to commercialization, NO to toll road, NO to transfer facility behind Hiram Elementary and NO to an incinerator in W Paulding... NO NO NO!!!!
  5. As far as I am concerned, its a ruse, designed to ram as much change to benefit them and theirs before Jan 1....... Guess we'll find out Thursday.
  6. These Citizens study committees are more than likely comprised of carefully selected individuals who will come to the conclusion that legislation needs to be introduced to expand the IBAs scope and responsibility and that the Airport Authority needs bonding capability to in debt taxpayers for all the non FAA reimbursable infrastructure that comes with a commercial airport....
  7. So there is going to be a committee comprised of Austin's lackeys, reporting to Austin and his lackey's on the AA and IBA boards that do the bidding on Austin's lackeys on the BOC... I could puke, sounds like the citizens need to revolt and I just had an idea... hehe
  8. What, your kid is 12 and is satisfied with a kids meal? My 6 yo boy most any day can make mincemeat out of an adult meal.
  9. So what you are SAYING is that people in this County are SO STUPID, other than you and a few of your friends who are obviously Mensa members, that no one in this County is capable of researching, formulating an opinion and then writing a speech. This isnt High School speech class, so big deal if they choose to read what they have wrote. There you have it FOLKS-- they think you are STUPID...
  10. and as soon as the Cantarell Oil fields dry up we will have an even bigger problem South of the border.
  11. My stent in HC was in long term acute and rehab, but my understanding is that maternity is often many hospitals bread and butter, very profitable and ends up subsidizing other areas. So adding maternity will be a long drawn out process and I am sure that Wellstar with maternity facilities nearby may not be willing to impact their other facilities average daily census by drawing from Paulding, which I imagine is many of these facilities primary and secondary service areas. I'd dare say a decade for maternity services in Paulding, or longer.
  12. You can blame the lack of maternity care, etc for Georgia being a Certificate of Need State (CON).. To build the hospital, WellStar had to go thru the CON approval process to get the beds, if they want certain type of specialized equipment over a certain dollar amount-- CON Approval needed, want to have specialized services- heart, maternity, etc-- need a separate CON approval to offer those services. Having worked in Development for a hospital system, I can tell you it is an expensive, political process to obtain one, especially when other hospital systems are fighting you bringing that ser
  13. So you mean to tell me the new hospital does not a have a 24 hour emergency room for pediatrics?
  14. Between this, the potential quality of life issues associated with the commercialization of the airport, the inevitable waste incinerator by the airport that is permissible under the Airport Overlay and has been discussed since 2004 and the reservoir being built adjacent and/or over natural gas and petro transmission pipelines I want out. This is going to make Clayton County a fabulous place to live in comparison to Paulding.
  15. I make a quiche in a spring form pan that makes a fantastic presentation using an easy pie crust recipe I make...
  16. What breed of dog is Coco? Chocolate lab or Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I have a female Chesapeake Bay Retriever originally named---- Coco too, lol..
  17. I think this is a ploy to get us to walk to the airport and force the people into chartering a helicopter or plane to transport them where they need to go...
  18. Tundra--- I'm glad you had a video of the shenanigans. Hopefully they can combine.
  19. http://www.ajc.com/news/business/residents-file-suit-over-paulding-airport-authorit/nfXL4/
  20. Most of the candidates have FB Pages. Most are getting websites updated and running this week. Keep an eye out and just google their names. As soon as we have all of them (or all we can find), I'll put a list together. www.electpattismith.com is up.
  21. Pubby- when you see people who are close to you emotionally distressed, regardess of the situation it impacts you.But I think it is reprehensible to assume that I or Patti have more value in property than people. It breaks my heart to personally see people I know health being impacted from the stress of dealing with all this not to mention the fact the uncertainty involved if they will ever be able to sell to move elsewhere. I completely agree with you on the short sighted nature of some of the things our BOC passes in the County and would dare say Patti agrees with you one this one. I r
  22. You really have no idea--- I saw Patti crying at the last Community meeting when they played a video of how adversely the airport has impacted some of her neighbors. As bad as she is impacted, there are plenty who are more impacted than her and she is all too aware of it..
  23. Whitey- actually the IBA's actions can result in the levy of mills-- perfect example-- the bonds issued to funding the construction of the movie studio has a provision in it that if revenues are insufficient to cover the bond payments- up to 2 mills can be levied for the payments on these bonds.
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