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Steve Veal passed away this weekend. Many might know Mr. Veal from teaching at Paulding Jr High. That is where I had Mr. Veal for math. Over the last year I have had the opportunity to teach with Steve at Hiram High and become a friend. He will be sorley missed. He was a good friend and teacher.

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Please post arrangements when you know them. Steve and I went to college together and met up again at HJMS when our children were in the band together. Also Mrs. Veal was my sons teacher at HJMS. Prayers go out to family.

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OH my goodness, he was my homeroom teacher in Junior High. He nicknamed me and a friend of mine, Jaws I & II because we talked so much. I thought he was the greatest. He was always so nice and such a good teacher. He will be sorely missed by everyone that knew him.


Does anyone know what happened? Had he been sick?

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You are more than welcome. Mary is a close friend and my neighbor. I went to see her yesterday.. She seams to be holding up ok. My heart goes out to her and lindsey. Steve will truely be missed.



I met Mrs. Veal when my daughter went to HJMS and I was on the PTSA. Lindsay and Caroline both play clarients in the band together. If you speak to Mary again, let her know that the band is praying for them.

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Our condolences and prayers to the family. Both of my daughters had him for math this year at HHS. I know he was dedicated to our youth during a time when it is not always so easy to do so. I appreciated him and will miss him.

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I had Mr. and Mrs. Veal @ HJMS, back when it was Paulding Co, Jr High. I loved them both.



So sorry to hear about this, I did a double take when I saw this :(


My condolenses to the family. :wub:

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The Veals are excellent people. I have no idea what to write, but that my prayers are with them.


I got several phone calls this morning from colleagues at Jones. It obvious that they are loved and he will be missed by many.

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Oh, Mr. Veal still looked just the same as he did back in my days at PCJHS.


He was a favorite teacher of mine and cared a lot about all of us.



He was my math teacher in 7th grade and my science teacher in 8th grade.


RIP, Mr. Veal.

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We were just talking about this earlier today in some of my classes. We all missed him from HJMS, I never had him, but if my last class finished early, and his was too, everyone from my class would go to his b/c everyone loved him soooo much!!! He will be greatly missed!!!

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Goodness, this has me a bit shocked.


I am friends of the family and I hadn't heard anything about this.

I know his mother, Polly, died only a few years back, she had worked for the County at the courthouse for many many years.

His sister and nephew live down in south Flordia and I don't know if they will be coming up for this.


Steve was always a good guy, I still have a few things of his that he gave me while over at his house helping out, he was big into woodworking.

He was also big into trading tapes and cds always wanting to check out current bands


I know he had had some health problems for a number years, but didn't know how bad it had gotten.


My condolences to Mary and Lindsey, I had Mary in Jr. High, and I still remember Lindsey as the little cute redheaded girl who was always tagging along with her aunt and being too shy around people she didn't know.



Steve's sister flew up over the weekend and has been staying with Mary, and the rest of the family showed up this afternoon. I will be happy seeing everyone but I wish it was under much better circumstances.


God Bless.

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As my mom(mnclan) said Mr. Veal was my 3rd period math teacher at HHS and by far my favorite one!!!!!! :( i will miss so much. when my friends mom called and told us i was shocked. and seeing how im not good with expressing myself i really didnt know what to do. and really the only thing i could do was write a poem so i did. :( heres is the poem i wrote in dedication to him.

"A Dedication"

It hurts inside of me.

To see you die in front of me.

I never got to say goodbye.

And now i cry.

I didn't know him well.

But i could tell.

He was a good man.

To lend everyone a helping hand.

But most of all he was my friend.

And i know our friendship will never end.

He like to read my poetry.

Even if they were quite a mystery.

The sad thing to say~~

He died today.

But I know in his mind.

He didn't want to leave his family behind.

But for all of this,

He will be missed.

BY: satinskitty

wrote: 03/05/07


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