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  1. Ronnie was a good friend and an amazing man. I had the pleasure to become friends while working with him at Hiram, and he was truly a great and FUNNY man. I saw Ronnie at the EPHS-Cherokee football game this fall and he was truly loving his job at Etowah. He was truly a tough guy with the kids, but he really cared and treated them all equally.He will be missed, and we at Hiram will miss him.
  2. In high school I dated her daughter Angie for 2 years. In all of the time I was around her she was always a kind and sweet lady. Even though she is at rest now in a far better place I know her family will miss her. Prayers and thoughts are with Angie, Jason, Howard and her extended family. She lived a good life and has left a legacy that will last a long time. God Bless you all as you grieve.
  3. Reminds me of a guest speaker I have come out every year to speak to my classes. Carl Beck was with the 501st and he too was seperated from his unit at D-Day and spent a week in a French Barn. His stories of D-Day, Bastogne, and a Bridge too Far makes my kids excited every time. What a GREAT generation of Americans. Maybe you would like to come out in April to hear his story.
  4. Brad was a great kid. I had the pleasure to teach him and he was a gentleman and an AWESOME student. It is so sad to see young people's lives cut so short. Prayers sent..
  5. Not that I know of. I talked with him on Friday and he seemed in good spirits. It is just really sad.
  6. No I havent heard but these two will need our prayers for a long time to come.
  7. Steve Veal passed away this weekend. Many might know Mr. Veal from teaching at Paulding Jr High. That is where I had Mr. Veal for math. Over the last year I have had the opportunity to teach with Steve at Hiram High and become a friend. He will be sorley missed. He was a good friend and teacher.
  8. As a vet I want to say than you. Your service and heroism has made this world a better place.
  9. Was this combat related? God Bless Him and his family.
  10. Yes she did look awesome last night. I know the family has appreciated the outpouring of love. They are very strong in their faith. Being a Christian is something the family can hold onto. They will see Tara again. I know her "best friend" knows that!-God Bless you and your family tomorrow BD..
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