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  1. any news on when 278 or 120 will open, my son says traffic is stopped on 278 before 120 west bound, cant get home to Yorkville
  2. Dont know, but this is the only web site I get the same message from!!
  3. Any one know anything about a 11 year child missing in the woods next to their house today in Paulding County. Heard something on scanner but never heard an update
  4. Any suggestions where someone can get "all you can eat" crab legs in Dallas/Hiram area?
  5. Just heard that it was two brothers fighting in house right behind Crossroads Church
  6. Going on around 8:45 am, Crossroads Church area
  7. Just got on computer, has there been news about the shooting in Yorkville? I saw life flight take one person, other on the run, swat called out!
  8. If Kell and South both play #4 and both win, who will be #1 in the play off for region #5
  9. Kell and South will play to see who is #1 and #2 seed. East vs Douglas Co, Hiram vs Villa Rics to determine #3 and #4
  10. Help me find Morton's Hot Salt, Walmart doesnt sell anymore. Can buy online for $2 but have to pay $15 more to ship, no way!! Let me know if you find any, Thanks
  11. Remember us, getting ready to head to the court house!!!
  12. Please pray for our family. Today, 2/2/2010, Caleb Hanson Young turns 12 years old; when he was 5 yrs old his father (Curtis Young) shot and killed his mother (Stacey Hanson Young) at Zaxby's in Hiram. Caleb still doesn't understand what his father did that day. For the past 6 1/2 years Curtis has been at Milledgeville and has never been to court. Next Tuesday they are bringing him to Paulding Co. Court to have a hearing to see if he can stand trial. Please pray that God's will be done. You can see an article about this at http://www.wsbtv.com/news/2116712/detail.html
  13. Where in hiram can you find a place that serves all you can eat crab legs?
  14. We had 5 and 3/10 inches of rain here in Yorkville!!
  15. At Paulding County High School graduation there was a tent set up to order a copy on video. I paid for a video and have not gotten it yet. Did anyone else order one of the videos? Have you gotten it yet?
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