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  1. RIP, Glenn!! Your family loves you so much and will miss you always! My Prayers go out to Nikki & Joseph and all of the family. I Pray for comfort, peace and understanding during this time and after. I love yaw'll.
  2. Our power is out..anybody know what is going on? A lot of people have said theirs is out.
  3. I heard it from my Niece..she is there! I'm just worried about them..my Niece and Nephew are there.
  4. Does anybody know anything about a code red at EPHS? I heard that they are locked in their classrooms with the lights off and K-9 units outside.
  5. Just wondering..were either of these trucks red?
  6. Does anybody know what is burning in the East Paulding/Mt Tabor Rd area?
  7. So Twelve Oaks was hit again this past weekend? Mine and my sons's was broken into the night before Easter along with about 16 or so others.
  8. Yep..you live a few houses down from me. They were at my house Sunday doing a report and have been patroling ever since Sunday. I hope they find them. I would call the cops if I saw them in or around my house in the middle of the night though. You know they could not be up to any good at that time of the night. We all need to keep an eye out and report anything suspicious. We got our mailbox smashed in several months ago as well.
  9. They said that the kids (teens)doing this looks for un-locked cars, grabs what they can quickly and moves on. Cop told us if it is locked they move on. Said even a cop car got broken into.
  10. Two of our vehicles were broken into last night. The cops said that at their last count "18" vehicles in Twelve Oaks Sub. were hit over the weekend. They said it usually gets bad on Spring Break..so just wanted to remind everybody to lock your car doors. I usually do every night, but forgot to go back and lock it after I got groceries out last night. Lessen learned!!! The cops said that they are getting anything electronic, GPS, Oakley sun glasses, etc. Luckily the only things they got from ours was my GPS, sun glasses, cologne, flash light. That's all I can find missing anyway.
  11. Would you mind telling me where this picture was taken at?? It is so cute.
  12. I took advantage of Elaine's special also a few Saturday's ago and I love it. I will be back. Hopefully she will be having another special when it's time to freshen up my color. Thanks Elaine!!!
  13. West Ridge Church's Trunk or Treat is Friday night @ 6:00. It is free and I have heard that there will be 100 or more trunks!!
  14. That is funny..she told me later last night that she had talked to him. We should already be there when he goes on. My hubby is also driving the shuttle bus some today, so we will be there ALL DAY. My niece is Abbie/Paulding Co. High. I hope to see you there. I will be the one with the camera hanging around my neck. I am going to be taking pics all day.
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