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  1. power out here about the same time. by the time i found the outage number to call it came back on. outage maps showed over 5000 people without power from the new georgia substation and over 4292 from the nebo substation
  2. wanted to speak out about switching to comcast. so far it is good. no pixels at night or losing tv viewing .u-verse was getting worse and worse by the day---and night. it took hubby a few hours to download games for his x-box on u-verse. no problem with comcast-a few minutes and it was done. he is happy. install was quick and efficient , done by derrick, signed up for auto-pay . all family members can watch television or play on internet with no disruptions night and day . we live off mcclung and u-verse was fed out of box on cochran ridge-not good .Thanks Comcast for the great service so f
  3. engine 10 brought the power and gas crews in from nebo road along mcclung rd to arrive at the site . i am posting this info from the archive on broadcastify.com
  4. AROUND 9:25 SUNDAY EVENING 2 VEHICLE WERE INVOLVED IN A TRAFFIC ACCIDENT IN THE AREA OF 2315 HIRAM SUDIE ROAD . A major gas line was also hit and ruptured . power lines are across the road, fire has erupted , officers were able to get the people out of the vehicles and away from the fire . gas and power companies are enroute . MCLUNG ROAD IS CLOSED FROM SINYARD CIRCLE TO HIRAM SUDIE . THERE was talk of evacuating the area due to the heavy presence of the gas, i could hear the roar over the officers radio.
  5. I want to send out best wishes to pubby on his birthday . I hope it was a good one and that you have many more to follow .
  6. the paulding county clinic cost ten dollars cash , and you must go online and print out 2 of the forms . these forms are to be completed and turned in when you get your pets shot . it will be between 2 to 4 p.m. on the 13th
  7. prayers said for thad and melissa
  8. can you still have recreational burns-for example roasting marshmallows
  9. yes, past month our 3g tower for cell phone goes out daily, have to call a different # for that ,it has nothing to do with u-verse . the internet connection always slows down around 3pm and 8 pm, the local channels have poor picture quality at times especially wsb-tv .seems to always happen when i am recording a program and 3 televisions are on hd-told this is to be expected,end up rebooting the reciever and losing the program i want to record .never had this problem when we lived closer to the rt site on ridge road. now we live surrounded by rocks and further from the rt sites
  10. We got the letter last month and pay quarterly 42$. This is for 2 large containers
  11. i am near a change . u-verse contract ends on 2-2015 and hubby seems to think we can get better deal if we switch to comcast. we do not think direct tv will work due to trees blocking the dish signal . our u-verse television has issues with weak signal/no signal at times , and the phone is sloow to disconnect after we hang it up . the 3-g tower for our cell phones loses signal strength at least twice a day-we have been told to call a different # for the 3-g issues . we have had no problems with at& t responding when we contact them,and i appreciate that . i would appreciate any opinions o
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